Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thrift Style Thursday - Sweater Weather

It's Thrift Style Thursday and guess what?  This week's theme was chosen by yours truly!  I went with Sweater Weather as the theme for today because, well, I'm from Minnesota and it's winter and it's cold.  When you live here you can justify having a closet full of cozy sweaters!  I certainly have a fair share of them, but I'm sharing only two of them with you today.  It was tough to narrow down, believe me!

This first one I am unsure of the brand on, there is no tag, but I love the color - it's a nice neutral oatmeal color, but what the pictures aren't showing super well is that it's flecked with little bits of color.  I don't remember when I got this sweater, but I know that it's cozy and I love it!

 Sweater - unknown (thrifted), Pants - Old Navy
Blouse - Gap (thrifted on Instagram), Boots - from friend
Necklace - Stella and Dot

This next sweater is a more recent thrifted find.  I was drawn to the color, I liked the mauve shade.  It also has some sparkles flecked in the threads too!  And it's fuzzy and warm.  That's pretty much a requirement!

Sweater - Mossimo (thrifted), T-shirt - Old Navy
Pants - Thrifted, Boots and scarf - Target 

One reason I love thrifting sweaters is, you know that they're pretty much going to have already been washed and worn before, so there's no breaking them in so to speak.  They aren't likely to shrink on you.  They won't be as stiff and itchy as they possibly could be new.  And again, I live somewhere that has winter practically nine months out of the year - that means I need a lot of variety of sweaters and I sure as heck don't want to break the bank buying them!  So, thrifting for the win!

Check out the other Thrift Style Thursday gals and see what kinds of sweaters they pull out at this time of year!  We're also welcoming a couple of new gals this week - so make sure you check them out too - pictures below are clickable!

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