Monday, January 19, 2015

Inspiration Monday - And I said hey, what's going on?

Happy Monday!  If you're lucky enough to be off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day today, enjoy it for me!  I'm not so lucky, healthcare stops for nothing.  But, I had a good weekend, so that takes the sting off a bit!  I am also linking up with two birds for Inspiration Monday today which is also fun, so that helps too!

They chose a fun look from Emma Stone.  Can I just take a second to say how much I like her?  She is one of my new favorite actresses I think.  She seems smart and funny and like someone I think I might actually like hanging out with in real life.  Anyway, enough of my girl crush.

I chose to style a look for a night out with some other blogger/Instagram friends on Saturday night. My look is a loose interpretation, but I think it works.  Megan told me I looked kind of Harry Potter chic and I can dig that.  Just point me towards Hogwarts!

Blazer - F21, Shirt - swap
Scarf - from Secret Santa Exchange, Jeans - Old Navy
Boots - Target 

We had a bunch of fun, it was great meeting some ladies I hadn't had a chance to meet in person yet, but have been communicating with online for quite some time now!  I always have so much fun meeting up with my fellow blog friends - I think we all feel a kinship because we're all people who put ourselves out on the internet for the world to see and somehow that just really connects us!  As always there was a lot of laughing, a lot of hashtag jokes and this mama even got up and sang a little 4 Non Blondes "What's Up" in a rather packed bar!  Thank you beer for being a confidence booster! I was sad to be a lame old lady who headed home by 11 though so I could get to bed and get up for church with our music group the next day.  I should have stayed out, I got home and just laid awake for a very long time!  Coffee was good on Sunday morning.  Anyway, it was a good time and I can't wait to do it again.

Beautiful and lovely people - Lauren, Erin, Sara, Nora, Megan, Jesse, me and Rachel

And now as I said, it's Monday, and I'm stuck working, so I'd best get back to it!  Be sure to visit two birds over here for more Inspiration Monday looks!
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