Friday, May 8, 2015

For The Locals

Hey hey, it's FRIDAY!  And there was rejoicing throughout all the land!  Anyway, this is just a short and sweet post about a couple of neat things coming up for any MN readers - sorry to my out of town peeps!

If you're in the Minneapolis area tomorrow, I'll be trying to downsize my closet with some other bloggers and participating in a garage sale hosted by Megan of two birds.  There are about five of us I believe who will be selling clothes, purses, accessories, shoes (rumor has it there will even be a pair of Coach shoes...that might fit yours truly, so you may have to arm wrestle me for them), vintage goodies, knicknacks and other goodies.  More info on the Facebook event here, or feel free to message me for the address and more details.  We'll be open 9 am to 2 pm!  And when you're done shopping our sale you should hit up Craftstravaganza over at the MN Fairgrounds, there are always so many cute vendors there, a friend of mine and her father sell pottery/photography every year and it's a really neat event.  Support local!

And then Monday I'm off of work again and I'm really excited about the reason - I will be in the audience with some other bloggers for Twin Cities Live!  They're doing a show on blogs and blogging and asked any and all local bloggers to come be part of the audience.  It's going to be so cool, I've never seen a taping of a live show before! I'm sure I'll have more fun things to share after the event, but wanted to let all you local folks know that you should tune in at 3:00 on Monday - maybe you'll even see me!  I'll wave!

Tonight I'm excited for a date night with my husband to go to Wits - it's a local radio show that has been described as the younger, hipper version of a Prairie Home Companion.  We had a chance to go a couple of years ago and it was tons of fun, so I'm excited to go tonight.  The guests are Danny Pudi from Community and Har Mar Superstar, so it should be a great show!  

So lots of fun happenings.  Can you see why I love where I live so much? Always something going on! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  

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