Wednesday, May 20, 2015

LYBS - Top 10 Foods for Life

I haven't had a chance to do many of the Let Your Blog Shine writing prompts this month, but today's seemed too fun to pass up - it's all about food!  How can we not love food?  The topic is - Top 10 foods I'll eat for the rest of my life.  So basically, what are my ten most favorite things to eat?  It's actually hard to narrow it down, but I've done my best here!

Beth's Top Ten Favorite Foods:

1. Cheese.  In any form.  I love cheese.  I eat a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch most every Friday.  My favorite at home date night is when Nate goes to one of our local cheese shops and picks out some fancy or funky cheese and we enjoy it with some wine and bread.  I love cheese on salads, I love cheese on pasta.  I just love cheese.  

2. Cereal, especially Cheerios, Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies.  Nate likes to give me a hard time about my love of cereal, as there really isn't that much nutritional value to cereal, but I'm just a cereal girl.  And I think it always tastes different at night than it does in the morning - so funny, but for real, it almost seems like a treat or something!

3. Spaghetti and meatballs, especially made by my Chef Husband.  I love a lot of Italian food, I love to go out for Italian food, but my favorite is made at home by Nate.  We make the Bobby Flay meatball recipe a lot, but Nate makes his own sauce and it's pretty dang good.  And this reminds me we haven't had it in awhile, so now we need to make some.

4. Mexican anything, but I guess if I have to pick I'll go with tacos.  We have a Mexican night at least once a week at our house and rotate between tacos, nachos and fajitas mostly.  We'll start making enchiladas this summer with our fresh CSA veggies.  I'd say the tacos are my favorite though.  We usually use whatever leftover meat we have in the house and season it up ourselves and it turns out so good.  

5. The French Fries from Five Guys.  I love good quality french fries.  I really love the ones from Five Guys.  I know that even though they use fresh potatoes and even tell you where they're from, that they're probably still horrible for you, but I just love them.  They remind me of the fries we used to be able to get at this local diner that folded up years ago.  Mmm, french fries.  I'm getting hungry now!

6. Chocolate chip cookies, especially my mom's.  I love cookies pretty hardcore, they're my favorite form of dessert, but the classic chocolate chip cookie is the best and my mom makes some pretty dang good ones!

7. Nate's corned beef hash.  Yeah I know, a lot of Nate meals ending up on this list, what can I say, he's a really good cook!  I love it when he makes us corned beef hash for breakfast, he has his technique down pretty well and it's delicious.  We just had some on this last Sunday in fact.  With a bloody mary on the side.  Soooooo good.  Am I making you hungry yet?

8. Pizza.  I love pizza.  I love when we make homemade pizza, but I also love pizza from out.  We have a great greasy spoon joint near us that makes awesome thin crust when that mood strikes. Sometimes we get Papa Johns delivered.  Sometimes we go get a chicken bacon artichoke pizza from Papa Murphy's.  For a good deep dish style, I love Davanni's.  And then there are couple of gourmet local chains we love too - Pizza Luce and Punch.  You can't go wrong with pretty much any pizza in my book!

9. Hamburgers.  I love hamburgers.  And similar to the pizza, I don't care if we make our own or go out and get them somewhere.  You can't beat a hamburger and a beer.  

10. Oreos.  Come on, are we surprised that this is on my list?  Biggest weakness in my life, but I can't help but love them.  

So there you go.  I realize very little on this list could be considered "healthy" but hey, that wouldn't be fun if the whole list was salads and such right?  Although I do love a good club salad or caesar salad!  What would be on your top food list?  

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