Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thrift Style Thursday - Gingham Style

For this week's edition of Thrift Style Thursday, Carissa from Carissa Knits suggested "Oppum Gingham Style" (did we forget about the song Gangam Style yet?  did I get it stuck in your head? You're welcome!).  I love gingham, it's one of my favorite patterns because it's so close to plaid.  I do not have that many thrifted gingham things however.  I picked the one shirt I have that is thrifted - and of course it didn't photograph well, but I promise it's gingham!

I thought it would be fun to tie it over this maxi dress I snatched up at the Blogger Garage sale last weekend.  I'm starting to really like the combination of gray and yellow, it seems to work well together.  I feel like some bright yellow is needed today.  Another gray, rainy day here in Minnesota!

Gingham shirt - Old Navy (thrifted), Dress - Old Navy (garage sale)
Sandals - Target, Necklace - Charming Charlie 

For fun, I pulled up another picture in a Throwback Thursday move - I have another thrifted gingham shirt I love, but it wouldn't be warm enough to wear it today, so I found an old blog post with it instead and pulled the picture up here.  This cute shirt is perfect in the summer, I got it at a vintage pop up sale a couple of years ago.  I am looking forward to warm days to wear this shirt soon!

What do you think of the gingham trend?  And be sure to check out how the other Thrift Style Thursday gals are rocking their gingham at their blogs listed below!

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