Friday, May 29, 2015

Vacation Brain

Oh you guys.  I am so on vacation brain right now.  And let me tell you, I just need this break coming up so much!  Work was a challenge this week, my teething toddler son made mealtimes a bit of a challenge this week, I am just so spent.  I'm really looking forward to getting to Itasca and just unwinding and getting tons of one on one time with my two favorite men (even if I did just complain about one of them!)

I have a few posts scheduled for while I'm gone, so you will probably hardly notice my not being here, though other than that I plan to kind of go bare minimum on social media for the next week. I will likely Instagram/Facebook some pictures of our adventures a bit because that's what I do, but I'm trying to really embrace the "getting away from it all" kind of idea, so I'm hoping to give online stuff a little break, though I'm sure I'll be itchy to catch up with everyone after a few days!

Now here's hoping this work day doesn't drag and that the adventure of packing for a week in a cabin goes as smoothly as it can over the weekend.  Coffee will be fueling these things quite a bit I think!

I'll miss you all and wish you could all come with me!!  See you soon!

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