Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Favorites - Ollie Edition

Hi people!  It's Ollie taking over my mama's blog again today! I'm getting to be such a big boy and I asked nice with one of my new words "please" (though I say it "peas") and mama can't resist me because I'm so cute, so here I am!  I'm going to share my five favorite things right now.  But they're not going to be my favorites for much longer because I change my mind all the time.  #toddlerlife

Garages - I love garages!  My grandpa's garage is my favorite.  It's big and open and he lets me run around in it.  He has all these cool tools and he gave me my own piece of wood.  My daddy's garage is pretty cool too but it's messier than grandpa's, so for some reason that means I can't play in there. The first thing I notice when we go to anyone's house is their garage! I just loving saying the word garage over and over again, though I pronounce it "ahge".  G's are kind of hard, I haven't gotten those down yet.  

Abby and Elmo - I still love me some Elmo, he is awesome.  I have an Elmo sippy cup and and Elmo toothbrush.  I also love Abby the Fairy from Sesame Street.  Mommy says it's ok for boys to like fairies.  Abby is bright and pretty and I get to watch her while I'm having my morning snack, so I like her a lot.  I also still like Mickey Mouse and Curious George and I like Daniel Tiger too. But Abby and Elmo are my favsies.  Sesame Streeter for life.

Park - One word about the park.  SWINGS.  I love to swing!  As soon as we come around the corner from the wooded area at our park I get really excited in my stroller and start saying "swing! swing!" until daddy takes me out and lets me run across the field to the playground.  And my favorite is when daddy is pushing me in the swing and says "zoom" - I like to say zoom too!  Cause daddy pushes me high and fast!  I also like going down the slide.  The first few times mommy had to help me, but I'm a big boy now, I can do it myself!  And there are so many puppies at the park!  I love puppies.  I got to pet a really nice puppy there last week.  It was the best day ever!

Books - I love books!  I like to pull all the books off my bookshelf to decide which one I'm going to read.  Daddy bolted my bookshelf to the wall, something about not wanting it to fall down on me. When I find the book I want I hand it to mommy and say "mama read" and she does.  My favorite books right now are The Tickle Tree, Pajama Time and Farmer Dale's Red Pickup Truck.  Mommy does funny voices when she reads Farmer Dale and it makes me giggle!

Playing peekaboo or just "boo" - I love peekaboo, I have loved it for a long time, but now I can do it too.  So instead of mommy or daddy going peekaboo to me, sometimes I jump out and go "boo" to them!  I like to hide behind my mommy and peek around her and go "boo".  It is so funny! I am hilarious.

And now I'm going to go, my other favorite thing at this moment is mommy is not working today! That means she gets to play with me all day.  She says we're going shopping at a sale where we can get me some clothes and toys for cheaper.  I don't know what cheaper means, but I know that I like the sound of getting new toys!  Bye bye!
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