Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thrift Style Thursday - Styled By Someone Else

Today's Thrift Style Thursday is pretty fun - we let someone else style us for the day!  And I bet you can't guess who I let style me today.  Oliver!  Haha, I'm kidding (although did anyone see that story on Today about the mom who let her three year old dress her for a week?  How awesome is she?).  I let my very awesome hubby style me for today.  He's actually got a pretty good eye for things, he really helps me figure out what does and doesn't look good on me and is always willing to give his opinion on something I'm putting together if I need it, so I figured he'd do a good job if I asked him to style me today.  So ladies and gentlemen, here is my "Nate Style!"

I'm not at all surprised he chose this pencil skirt.  While it's not thrifted, other items I am wearing are. He always loves me in a skirt and he said he likes how this one fits.  He liked the feminine feel of this thrifted blouse and that it's just a little see through - enough to kind of see the silhouette of the camisole underneath.  I gave him a choice between two pairs of shoes to go with this look and he chose the pair I liked best anyway, my favorite pair that a friend gave me.

I added the final touches with my jewelry and bag, but he said he liked what I chose for those items and it's otherwise an entirely styled look by him.  Overall, he did a pretty good job!  Kind of going for a sexy secretary vibe I think - but I mean he is my husband, so of course he wanted me to look kind of hot I'm sure!  At any rate it's still office appropriate, but I think it could translate into a date night if I wanted it to!  Maybe I'll let him start dressing me all the time, ha!  Much less stress for me!

Shirt - Banana Republic (thrifted), Skirt - Old Navy
Necklace and bag - Stella and Dot, shoes - from friend
Bracelet - Charming Charlie 

What do you think?  Did he do a good job?  And ladies - would you ever let your significant other style you for a day?

Be sure to check out the other thrifty gals at their blogs below and who styled each of them today! And a big welcome to our newest member, Alison from Nouveau Northwesteners!

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