Thursday, February 2, 2012

Holy fog Batman

So first of all, I skipped today's Layer Up challenge theme.  It is vest over jacket or vest under jacket and I have nothing against vests, but I don't own one and decided even if I bought one I was unlikely to wear it again, so instead you have jacket over v-neck tank top today.  I'll likely be sitting out of tomorrow's challenge too because I'm participating in "Go Red" for the American Heart Association at work tomorrow. I have a cute outfit all picked out.  I'll be back on track for Saturday of Layer Up week though!  Four out of six days isn't all bad!

Secondly I was thinking, gee, it's getting a bit lighter out in the mornings, maybe I can try and take pictures outside today.  Uh, nope.  The fog is as thick as pea soup outside this morning, no joke!  Oh well, best laid plans.

I am not a big fan of fog.  I posted something about my dislike for fog on my Facebook one time last fall and let me tell you, a couple of the Pants Monkey's relatives jumped down my throat for saying so and were like "hey, give fog a chance."  Well, I'm sorry, it is not fun to drive in and it does not help me wake up in the morning, so Fog and I are just not friends and likely will not ever be friends.

I just can't wait to take pictures outside again.  The lighting in my house is just so poor, the lighting at my office is so poor, my little point and shoot can only do so much.  I suppose I could attempt using the Pants Monkey's nice CLR again...he's not really doing much with it right now.

I've got another fun weekend coming up and the week leading up to it has just been dragging so far!  Time always moves slowly when we want it to go fast it seems!

Outfit rundown:
Tank top - unknown, handed down from cousin
Blazer - Bill Blass, thrifted from Clothes Mentor
Pants - Alfani, Macy's
Shoes - Mudd, handed down from mom
Necklaces - Stella and Dot
Earrings - Charming Charlie


  1. I didn't have many cardigans or vests either. I'm skipping the rest of the challenge week unfortunately. Life is too crazy to get pictures. I really like your brown jacket and I'm really excited for orange colors now! I'm very happy the color is making a comeback.

  2. Great outfit and I'm a fan or brown and orange. Cute shoes too. I thrifted a pair of Mudd shoes that are very similar or maybe even the same. I love them.


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