Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Long over long

Today's Layer Up challenge is Long over Long.  I had this specific outfit in mind as soon as I read the information for the challenge week.  I have been wanting to pair this sweater with a longer skirt for awhile now.  I like the result, though I still think I might look into have this skirt shortened.  It is super long and I think it would just change up the overall look a bit if I had it shortened just a wee bit.

In hindsight I don't know that my fun new electric blue tights from Target go with this all that well, but I gave it a go anyway!  They are a lot bluer than I was expecting.  Can't blame a girl for trying though!

Also chose to wear my scarf today that I bought in November.  I'm sure you've all seen the 25 ways to wear a scarf video on You Tube - crazy right?  I am so boring though, I stuck with the infinity style today!

In other news, we ordered a Kitchen Aid mixer and it was delivered yesterday!  I am so excited to try making my cupcakes with a better mixer than my hand held one!  The Pants Monkey bought the meat grinding attachment because he wants to attempt making homemade sausage.  I have wanted a mixer for so long, but couldn't justify buying one, not just for the money, but because I didn't feel we had the room in our kitchen.  We still really don't, but we're going to make it work!  And because I'm a nerd, here is a picture of my pretty new toy:

The color is "Persimmon".  I'm looking forward to baking some cupcakes for the Super Bowl on Sunday!

Halfway through the week already and halfway through the Layer Up challenge!  Don't forget to visit Megan or Keely's blogs to get links to the other participants blogs and see how everyone is mixing up their layers!

Outfit rundown:
T-shirt - Decree, JCPenney
Sweater - Decree, JCPenney
Scarf - Target
Skirt - Charter Club, Macy's
Tights - Target
Shoes - Rampage via DSW
Belt - Unknown
Earrings - F21


  1. I love the look you have going on today! The skirt is super cute too! And I'm still uber jealous of your new mixer!

  2. I love the "long on long" on you! I think you look great!
    I die for those mixers but right now is just a dream. I think we'll get one eventually in the red (I would get the pink one but JB would kill me a little bit lol, plus red goes with our kitchen stuff)

  3. I like your long on long look. The blue tights were a fun pop of color. I do agree about the skirt. I think it would be more versatile if it were shorter.

    Hooray for the kitchenaid mixer! My in-laws actually have two, but I'm old fashioned and tend to do most things by hand. Well, more like I'm too lazy to put it up on the counter. Those suckers are heavy!

  4. Oh you look absolutely gorgeous! :) Love it :)

  5. This is a great outfit! The skirt is a great pattern, but I agree with Megan that it would probably be more versatile if it was shorter. I also love the way you tied your scarf.

    Cool about the mixer too. I am ashamed to admit that I got one for Christmas two years ago and I have never even used it! You inspired me to make myself get it out this weekend and do some baking, lol :) Heather

  6. I love my Kitchenaid! I bought one for my sister for her wedding, and so she had to reciprocate! I find cupcakes are super fluffy if you use the wire beater and pretty much whip the batter.

  7. Cute! I like the sweater over the skirt look. And I LOVE your mixer! I have a lime green one, with an orange toaster right next to it. Love the colors!

  8. Oh I really want a Kitchen Aid- you'll have to let us know how you find it! I love your scarf and the bright blue tights- the skirt would be the perfect length just shortened a bit like a midi skirt!


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