Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Snowstorm

This is what we woke up to here in the Twin Cities this morning.  Lovely icy, snowy mess.  I took these looking out my front door, this is my little CRV all covered up in the first picture here.

And this is looking south towards my neighbor's house.  In all due honesty, this isn't even that impressive of a storm when you think of what our winters here are usually capable of, but this is probably the biggest one we've had this winter, so I had to document it somehow!

I was prepared that this morning would require more attention to cleaning off my car and just getting myself to work and not to taking blog pictures, so instead I'm sharing Monday's work outfit because I didn't get a chance to do so yet and I think it's pretty cute.

Monday was a much nicer day outside, that's for sure!  What a difference a couple of days makes I guess!  On Monday I wore my favorite Anthro pants again, I keep saying I'm going to hem them and I still haven't done so.  I wore nice high heels so at least I wasn't tripping over them.

 I told the Pants Monkey about all the compliments I received on the dress yesterday and his response was "cool!"  Mostly he was just happy that I liked the dress and that it's working out well for me.  I told him he can buy me clothes anytime, to which he responded, "yeah but our anniversary isn't for another three months."  Who says he needs a special occasion?

Happy Leap Day!  Anyone out there actually have a birthday today?  The father of a girl I grew up with had a birthday on Leap Day.  They used to joke that he was younger than he really was since he only got a birthday every four years!

Outfit rundown:
Shirt - Decree, JCPenney
Pants - Thrifted Anthropologie via Clothes Mentor
Owl necklace - F21
Hidden shoes - Mudd, Kohls


  1. This storm might not have been much in quantity but it's totally made up for it in icky messyness...YUCK! I wish I could have stayed home in bed all day with a hot cup of coffee!

    Also, I ADORE those pants, they look great on you!
    Xo Lori

  2. Ah... I saw your monday outfit, so edgy not your usual style but rocker chic. Not my usual style as well. But so fun to do it. And your Pants Monkey's gift -the dress is so pretty! I like the monochromatic outfit, so feminine and flattering! He knows you so well! And finally the snow storm, awesome sight...i know this is probably not the right word to use especially when your car is buried under all that snow. But please don't laugh, I have never seen a snow storm. That's a cute outfit for a nice weather after the snow storm. Like you're so happy and relaxed. The snow is gone!


  3. That shirt is so pretty! I love it!

  4. OMG all that snow. I'll take my thunderstorms versus a snowstorm any day. Hope you're keeping warm.

    Those trousers have been so freaking versatile. I can't believe how many colors look good with them.

  5. I really like those pants with that length of shirt! It's very flattering on you!


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