Friday, February 10, 2012

It's still winter

The last time I wore this sweater was also on a Friday.  And it was also because it was super cold that day! Guess I'm just not much for creativity today.  But yeah, high of barely 13 above zero?  Requires a fuzzy warm sweater.  At least I'm wearing different jeans with it this time!

These are one of my favorite pairs of jeans, they just hug my body in all the right spots!  Thank you Old Navy!  I have to say I've tried many different brands of jeans over the years, but Old Navy is one brand that has fit me pretty well since my teen years.

As soon as I heard there were wind chill advisories this morning I decided there was no way I was taking outdoor pictures today.  It's just as well, the sun wasn't really out either.  It's so cold, that even with the heat on full blast in my car, the latte I stopped at Dunn Brothers to get on my way to work today was already down to a lukewarm temperature in the five minutes from the coffee shop to my office.  Yep, it's cold.  It's still winter.  We get it Mother Nature, thanks for the reminder.

Busy weekend on tap for me, we have had a couple of weeks off from our music group but we're back at that this weekend plus we have a birthday party for a good friend and I think we're going to have a meatball making session with my mother-in-law.  There are fun sales going on around town this weekend too (Mighty Swell and the debut of Band of Thrifters - check them out local folks!) but sadly I don't know if I'm going to get to any of them even though I'd love to!  It's just as well, I need to take a shopping break honestly.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Outfit rundown:
Sweater - b. (a resale shop)
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - SO, Kohls
Necklace - jerseymaids via Etsy


  1. you look so cozy! chris and i made a decision to do nothing all weekend, and i can't wait! but, fyi...b. is 30% off all weekend! ;)

  2. Sometimes, you just need a chunky, fuzzy sweater.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Blah....screw the return of this cold weather...I'm still protesting-totally rocking short sleeves and a dress today!

  4. Haha...I walked outside today into that FRIGID WIND and almost died. Cozy sweater!

    <3 Cambria

  5. It's definitely one of those days where you need a great pair of jeans and a cuddly sweater. It's even SNOWING here. Just days ago it was in the mid 60s. Aww, I understand about the shopping thing. D= So many good sales during this time of year.

  6. Your music group? That sounds interesting- do you play an instrument? Love these jeans on you- meow!


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