Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's been a very dry snow free winter - and I will not lie, I have been enjoying that because it makes driving so much easier, even though I do have an SUV that will get through just about anything.  I just don't love driving that much.  I do it because it's a necessity.  I'm not as bad as my mom who won't even drive on the freeway if she can help it.  She just hasn't had to do it much in her life, so it's understandable that she'd be apprehensive about it.  But anyway, this is about me, not her.  I mentioned awhile back that my car is in need of some repairs.  I set up to take it in this morning before work.

It's an auto mechanic that was recommended by a good friend as my former auto mechanic (my father-in-law) retired and I was looking for a good place with people I could trust.  The only problem is the mechanic was the opposite direction of my work, but I figured, I'll leave a little early, drive my car over, get my loaner vehicle and head to work, because the roads have been so wonderful so it should be no big deal right?

Wrong, because guess what?  It's not dry and unsnowy anymore.  It snowed something like four inches overnight of lovely wet heavy snow.   I knew when I went to bed that it was going to snow a little bit.  I wasn't expecting THIS much though! Karma you are a little brat sometimes aren't you?

Fortunately I got myself moving pretty fast at home and taking some nice back roads got myself to the mechanic in pretty good time AND somehow got to work at a reasonable time as well!  I did have to kind of make do with attempting my pictures for today at work - but considering my tripod is at home, I think these actually turned out pretty good!

I do love this shirt and I haven't worn it enough.  I still have so many ideas of ways I could style it too, especially because of all the colors that are in it!  At least it should go into the spring!

Let's hope ole Karma is a bit more kind to me when I find out the estimated cost to fix the problems with my car.  Cross your fingers.  In the meantime I'll have fun driving a cute little car around town, even if it isn't as snow friendly as my little SUV!

Outfit rundown:
Blue t-shirt - Decree, JCPenney
Peasant blouse - Decree, JCPenney
Pants - Tangent, Maurices (old)
Shoes - SO, Kohls
Necklace - Butterfly Boutique
Earrings - American Eagle Outfitters (old)


  1. We're having car issues too. $1000 of car issues to be exact. And it's EXTRA annoying because we just had a $1000 check-up in December... LAME! That shirt is SWEET!

  2. I love the printed top! And oh my I had been enjoying the unseasonable winter too but even though its more of a pain to get around with the streets all covered, It kinda freaks me out not to have any snow (I mean it is february!). Plus, spring is just around the corner! Bring it on winter, you ain't got much time left ;)

  3. This is a very pretty shirt! I love the colors and you can definitely transition it easily into Spring. Yes, the snow this morning was annoying, but it is already melting, so we can't complain too much! I hope your car repairs don't cost a ton!

  4. I love that peasant blouse!! And I hope your car gets fixed quickly. =/ I HATE when ours goes in the shop!

  5. the only thing i dislike about minnesota winters is having to drive to work after a major snowfall, but thankfully this morning the major roads were clear and the slushy snow cleared away by the end of the day. i know what you mean, though! hopefully the other snow we're expected to have this week won't be a big deal!

  6. I'm glad you made it to all of your destinations all right this morning! And I love the outfit ;)

  7. this is a very feminine and delicate top, looks feminine chic on you! Pardon me but I have never see a snow ing scene before. Haha...snow on the floor yes. So I think it must be a beautiful sight!



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