Friday, February 17, 2012


I've made it no secret that I'm super addicted to Pinterest.  Many of the things I pin I don't know that I'll ever even try or do, but I still love it!  This picture made me laugh - found on Pinterest of course.

It's kind of true!  But, I came across an outfit idea the other day on Pinterest that I realized I had almost all the pieces for.  So, I'm FINALLY actually doing something I found on Pinterest!  Below is the outfit I saw, looks like it was put together on Polyvore.

I had everything minus the bag and I love any excuse to wear my red shoes that have become my latest obsession, so I decided to wear it for casual Friday today!  Forgive the photo here that I sort of cut my head off on.  At least you can see my clothes!

I also don't have a pure white scarf, but I thought this polka dot one would be a little more fun anyway.  Not pictured is my watch - I do have a nice gold watch like the inspired picture shows - I have had it since I turned 18, a gift from my parents.  I love that it still works after all these years!

So how did I do?   I like the overall look.  I would not have put this combination together on my own, I know that much!  I'm really hoping to start trying out more of the things I'm finding on Pinterest now that I've finally tested the waters on something!

Speaking of testing the waters, I tried to time a jumping picture because it's Friday and I was in a silly mood.  It did not go so well.

 Oh well!  Can't blame a girl for trying!  Happy Friday one and all!  Hope you all have fantastic weekends!

Outfit rundown:
Sweater - LOFT thrifted via Clothes Mentor
White shell - handed down from cousin
Scarf - Target
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - MIA thrifted via Clothes Mentor


  1. Very cute! Those loafers are adorable and I love the scarf. I'm yet to register with Pinterest because I have such an addictive personality- I worry I'll never be able to get off it1

  2. I think the polka dots are more fun than a plain white scarf!

  3. absolutely loved the "jumping" picture! haha and the cute outfit too :)

  4. Great inspiration. I love your additions of pattern. I'd love to see more inspired by posts. I love Pinterest for finding ideas, but don't always put ideas together to actually wear.

  5. Beth, you look so cute in this outfit. I love it! You did a great job putting this together. I really need to get into this Pinterest thing I guess....
    You've also now inspired me to get moving on my project of trying to make some infinity scarves from some items I've got piled up to refashion.
    I love the jumping picture too. So fun! :)

  6. i really love the entire look of this outfit & the cute scarf! have a great weekend!

  7. cute look, I like the pokka dot scarf! It's a simple yet subtly chic outfit. Neutral colors are always timeless. The definition of pinterest made me laugh. I don't think much when I'm pinning, just keep clicking non-stop, it's like shopping for free. Haha..



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