Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest post: Summer to fall staples

Today's guest is the delightful Callie from Coffee and Cardigans.  I adore her fresh, put together style, she always looks so cute!  Today she is bringing you some ideas for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall - something I know I'm looking forward to doing myself, since fall is my favorite season!!

Hello! My name is Callie and you can usually find me over at Coffee and Cardigans. I’m excited to be guest posting for Beth this week! But is anyone else a little shocked that it’s already the middle of August? It feels like summer just started, yet it’s about time to be thinking about the autumn season ahead. In anticipation I’ve been taking a serious mental inventory of my closet as I try to decide what warm-weather clothes to pack away in storage at the end of this month.

But let’s be honest, transitioning between seasons can be awkward. I never know what to keep out and put away until next summer. But I’ve at least got 5 summer-to-fall items that are most definitely staying in my closet!

A lightweight cardigan – My cardigans and open knit sweaters will forever have a place in my closet, but they’ll be getting special treatment as fall arrives. I love throwing them over a sleeveless dress or top for the day or layering them for cooler evenings.

A good pair of flats – For a time between sandals and boots, my flats become my new best friends. They go with just about anything: jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts. And they are easy to dress up or down, depending on what you’re doing. I have a couple different pairs of ballet flats, but my black pair and my nude pair get the most mileage. A good pair of neutral flats can really take a girl far.  

My favorite denim jacket – For anyone who reads my blog regularly, I have a (un)healthy love for my denim jacket. It’s the jacket that goes with me everywhere – just in case. I really think a jean jacket goes with about anything and it’s the perfect weight for late summer nights and breezy autumn days.  

A lightweight scarf or two – An ode to the gals who have been rocking scarfs during the summer months – keep doing what you’re doing! I’ll be digging some of my favorite light-weigh scarves out of the closet soon. A bright color or fun pattern can really dress up an outfit, but opt for lighter fabrics since you aren’t fending off a winter snowstorm just yet.

A classic midi skirt – I have been living in maxi skirts all summer, but shortening the length just a little is perfect for fall. Midi skirts are very much on trend and classic – I love the ones that Beth rocks on a regular basis! The mid-calf length is perfect since it adds a little extra coverage and warmth as the weather cools down. 

Even though I sat down to write this post when it was 100-degrees outside, I am excited for fall too to get here! Thanks so much to Beth for having me! What are your favorite pieces in your closet as the weather gets cooler?


  1. Smart tips, I learned a thing or two. Thanks!

    Oh, I have those exact same flats!

  2. Very good tips Callie! Love the midi skirt :)

  3. Wow I love all of those colors/style/looks! You have given me great ideas!! Thank you!

    hey --- are you following me? please see if you'd like to k?

  4. ok I am a major dork !

    you are a loyal follower -- i'll back off. :D

  5. Love all the tips and tricks! I plan on using some of those!

  6. Callie's blog is one of my favourite reads- I love her use of colour (and she remixes a jean jacket like no other!)

  7. I have a great jacket and ankle boot collection that will carry me through any seasonal shift. Great tips! I'm ready for fall.

  8. great staples and i have them all ready for fall except the skirt

  9. I'm excited for fall to get here too! Great suggestions for transitioning into a fall wardrobe!

    Jess - J's Style

  10. These are awesome transitional pieces! great suggestions :)

  11. Cardigans and scarves are perfect for transitioning into fall!


  12. I can't wait to start wearing more cardigans, scarves and TIGHTS! Great post!


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