Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Veggies, fruits and bridges

I found some inspiration again, hooray!  I spent a little time looking at my closet last night and found a bunch of new ideas and possibilities so I think I'm good to go for a bit longer here!  I'm excited about this outfit, how have I not put this combination together yet??

I have to laugh, the Pants Monkey and I are funny.  Similar to my feeling summer fatigue yesterday with my clothes, we get summer fatigue over meals we cook too.  We eat a lot of salads and lighter dishes or things on the grill in the summer but after awhile it gets boring.   Last night we talked about it and decided, screw it, let's make one of our winter meals.  So, it might be 96 degrees outside today, but we've got a fabulous crockpot full of chili waiting for us when we get home.  Mr. Monkey makes outstanding chili.  So yeah.  That's our dinner.  We're weird!  We'll just crank up the A/C and hide in the basement and pretend it's winter.  Or something.

Speaking of food, I am excited that summer produce is starting to hit it's peak, I love fresh veggies and you just can't get them year round here, so you have to take advantage when you can!  I don't have a garden, but there are plenty of other options, little farmers markets and roadside stands work just fine.  We had the most fantastic corn from a roadside stand the other day in fact.  We grilled it and it was delicious.  I'm enjoying peach season too, there's a little grocery store near my work that gets Colorado Peaches by the case and they are to die for.  I think I'll be grabbing some this weekend and making a peach pie!

I should stop talking about food, because now I'm hungry!  Actually on a serious note, I do want to mention that today I'm remembering and reflecting on the 5th anniversary of the 35W bridge collapse.  I'll never forget that day, I was getting a pedicure with a dear friend and my cell phone rang and Mr. Monkey said "have you heard what happened?  Part of 35W fell into the Mississippi River" and then a hush went over the entire salon as it seemed we all heard the news at the same time.  13 people ended up losing their lives when the bridge collapsed and many others were injured.  It was a very scary day.  The freeway system was a mess for months afterward, since 35W is a major road to get to and from Minneapolis.  I am still impressed at how fast the bridge was rebuilt.  Anyway, I know I'll never forget, since it happened practically in my backyard, it ranks up there with 9/11 and Columbine on major events that have had an impact on me.

Outfit rundown:
Tank top - vintage, Salvaged Strawberry
Skirt - American Eagle Outfitters (old)
Necklace - Stella and Dot with MMD buttonflowers
Sandals - Old Navy
Bracelet and earrings - via swap with CC


  1. Cute outfit today! I remember that day well! Just after Pants Monkey called you, I remember Steve called me. We just sat there in the pedicure chairs just looking at each other in shock.

  2. seriously, Beth. Stop it with the food! I'm starving now. And I totes love this pattern mixing in this outfit!

    ♥ laura
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  3. Mixing patterns is oodles of fun, is it not? I love the green and blue together too!

    <3 Cambria

  4. I have serious summer fatigue right now with my closet. Trying so hard to fight through it but it may be a losing battle. I ate mashed potatoes the other day. In 80 degree heat. Loved it!

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  5. Your pattern mixing is SO fun! I know what you mean about grilling getting boring...I think I got sick of it by the beginning of July. I try to cook things for dinner that don't require the oven in the hot summer, but I'm running out of ideas!

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  6. Cute pattern mixing! And I love when I get inspired in my own closet :)

  7. So glad you found some goodies in your closet! It sounds like you and PM were absolutely made for each other! We had grilled corn the other night, too, and it was delicious! Today I'm having blueberries with my breakfast that I picked from my mom's house. They're so big and juicy! But now you got me thinking about peaches...

  8. Love your creative pattern mixing! Great colours.

    I enjoy making "winter" meals like soups at this time of year, but yeah, it can be a warm process!

    We are very fortunate to have a lot of local produce all year round in the grocery store. We also get locally-raised chicken, beef and bison, as well as ethically-raised/fished seafood.

  9. Hooray for pattern mixing! I like these two pieces together a lot. I love that all your pieces are patterned! Including the buttonflower. My only bit of criticism is I think you need a lighter belt. Just because it breaks up all those gorgeous colors and prints too harshly.

    Mm your food suggestions always sound so delicious. We eat a lot like that too. A lot of cold meals or things just prepared during summer. I tend not to have much of an appetite when it's this hot so I've been sipping on Naked juices and protein drinks as snacks. We finally made a roast the other night because I think the in-laws were tired of my summer menu. Tonight though - Greek burgers with feta cheese!

  10. Bethie! I love this outfit! So cute on you. ;) I was actually thinking of those very shoes when I picked out that bracelet and earrings for you. ;)
    We only just recently got a grill (after almost 14 years of marriage) so we are loving grilling and summer veggies. ;) Especially corn, tomatoes and cucumbers! Yum!
    Hope you enjoy your chili!

  11. You just look pretty as a picture in this outfit. Hanging out in your closet produced a really nice result!
    That's funny about your chili. haha My philosophy is the same with food as it is with whatever you want whenever you want.
    Mmmmm fresh corn grilled on the cob. Isn't it yummy?! It's now going on my shopping list for next week.

  12. I'm totally loving that you paired stripes with polka dots. These colors really compliment you. The whole outfit is just darling!


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