Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Today's outfit feels almost Hawaiian to me. I'm sure it's the floral print on this dress.  I realized I had been wanting to pair this shirt with this dress and hadn't done so yet, and figured, the closer we're getting to Fall, the less I want to wear these kind of bright, almost spring like colors, so now is the time.

Of course I'm still struggling with the lighting in the morning.  Might have to try the backyard tomorrow.  Although I heard there's a chance of rain tomorrow, so perhaps I'll be taking pictures inside anyway!  Hopefully it doesn't rain tomorrow since it's the first day of the MN State Fair, but we're not going until Friday, so I'd rather it rain tomorrow than on Friday!

You can see I'm back to my Gussy bag - I have to tell you though, this is the first time I've switched in over a month now!  Aside from being up north last week that is.  Otherwise, that Jenna Lou bag I bought in July?  I haven't stopped carrying it until today.  I'm turning over a new leaf!  And I pretty much went back to Gussy today because I love how it compliments this outfit and it's another item I don't see myself really using much into the Fall, so I figured I might want to give it another spin.

In other news I'm stalking UPS and anxiously waiting for the arrival of my Stella and Dot goodies.  I was finally able to close the party and get my order placed this past Monday.  I gotta say - happy way early birthday to me.  I will be rolling in new jewelry and shouldn't need anymore for quite awhile!  I'll be sure to share my goodies when they actually show up!

Outfit rundown:
Dress - vintage, Salvaged Strawberry
Shirt - vintage, Savers
Sandals - Marshalls (old)
Necklace - swap with CC
Bracelets - Bead for Life and thrifted
Bag - Gussy Sews


  1. That is such a cute dress, and perfect with that shirt!

  2. Love the tied at the waist shirt. What a fun summery dress. The colors really compliment each other. Can't wait to see your new jewelry!

  3. Love the print of the dress!

  4. Your dress is so cute with the polka dots AND floral print! Hope the rain happens before the fair! I can't wait to see your Stella & Dot jewelry :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  5. It does look very beachy/tropical and it is so fun! looking lovely!

  6. I love this outfit Bethie, you look so fresh and pretty and it seemed 50's-ish to me! I never get tired of bright spring/summer colours, even in winter!

  7. Really sweet pattern on the dress - I love the simplicity of the white shirt with it.

    I know what you mean, I'm starting to jones for my boots and tights!

  8. Love the colors on the dress. I'm wearing my tropical fish dress today! The most summer-y stuff isn't going to be able to stick around too much longer. Gotta wear it while we can.

  9. The color of your dress is so summery. I just love it! I can't wait to see some of your jewelry. Fun, fun, fun!

  10. This is beautiful! I love the colors and how you knotted your top- it is very flattering. Lighting is the toughest thing about photos for me too- I always end up taking them over noon which is about the harshest light possible! Hope you have a fabulous time at the fair when you go!

  11. keep the summer stuff coming. i think i am the only person who wants summer to stick around for a few more months!

  12. What a great vintage piece! I love the color and the print. So cute!


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