Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hot again

Back to a sundress today!  At least it's not going to be quite as hot as they were originally predicting today.  They had said 100+, thank goodness it's only going to be in the 90's now. And even that statement is funny to me, but it's been one of those kind of summers.

I'm not loving this return to heat, though this morning it didn't feel horrible as I was taking my pictures.  I think the humidity is down, which does make a difference.  It's been so dry though, my flowers are parched and one of them even died.  Oh well.  I'll stop babbling about the weather, I really don't want to be one of those people!

I'm so excited that it's a three day weekend coming up.  I've been kind of spoiled these last few weeks with not having to work too much!  And next week, I only come back and work three days and then have another Friday off so we can go on an annual cabin trip with our music group.  I tell you, I could really get used to a four day or less work week!

I like the fun vibe of this outfit.  I wasn't sure if this tank top would work over this dress, but I think it pairs together pretty nicely.  And believe it or not I'm hardly wearing any Stella and Dot today!  I do own other jewelry!  If you missed it, my Stella and Dot vlog went up yesterday.

And that's all I have.  I don't know if it's the heat or my crazy work week, but my brain is fried!  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

Outfit rundown:
Dress as skirt - two birds
Tank top - Maurices
Sandals - Merona, Target
Necklace - Premier Jewelry
Bracelets - S&D, Bead for Life


  1. I love your shirt! :-) I have a long weekend, too, which is kind of a miracle. I hope you have fun on yours!

  2. Your yellow top is so bright and fun! I didn't get a chance to watch your vlog yet but I want to watch it when I'm home from work. I'm so jealous of all your 4 day work weeks...I don't even get Labor Day off :(

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. Long weekends and hot weather! It's a bittersweet combination in my book, but I love the bright top and patterned skirt. It's a perfect combo for these late summer days. Hope you guys enjoy the weekend!

  4. Your tank is adorable! Loving the purple flowers and yellow together. The necklace goes so well with the outfit too.

    I am on vacation today through next Tuesday, woo woo! so today is the start of my weekend :)

  5. Love the tank top with the skirt! Have fun when you go for your weekend up at the cabin!

  6. Love the yellow top. I am so grateful to have this Monday off because omg - I so need to catch up on everything. Glad to hear you have lots of fun in your future though. I need to take advantage of this long weekend and chillax.

  7. I think all f/t positions should be 4 days of work (paid for 5!) the extra day off just makes Monday so much more bearable! Love the yellow on you and am hoping the heat stays here, I can't stand the cooler weather!


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