Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Deja vu

Man you ever have deja vu? I don't think I've put this ensemble together before and yet, it feels like I have!  Oh well, what I do know is that this red top has gotten a lot of love!  I chose to wear it today because I'm running the blood drive at work so I thought, red for the Red Cross!  And since I'll be doing a bit of running around, I went for capris instead of a skirt today.

I'm feeling much less frazzled than I did when I posted yesterday!  Instead of making a ton of lists I realized I really just needed to plan out my week and once I did that, everything started falling more into place.  Thank goodness!

Anyway, keeping it short and sweet today so I can get to the blood drive.  Darn, I have to sit outside for the next five hours on a nice 80-ish degree day.  Oh what a shame.

Outfit rundown:
Shirt - two birds vintage
Capris - Mossimo, Target, thrifted
Sandals - Duck Head
Bracelet and watch - Charming Charlie
Necklace - Stella and Dot


  1. Cute combination! I hope that you have a successful blood drive! I will miss talking to you if you can't email! Enjoy the weather!

  2. Lovely colour top Beth... enjoyed catching up on all your posts after the hols:)

  3. Oh you got your shirt from Two Birds -- that's cool, awesome and nice of you.

    What else is nice is you joining my site! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Love the top - great colour! I'm wearing a very similar combo today. ;)

  5. Cute outfit! I hope the blood drive goes well today!

  6. charcoal and red is a great combo, love it! Good for you for leading the blood drive!

  7. I have to agree with everyone - this is a lovely color combo! You look wonderful in red. Have a good time at the blood drive!


  8. Good for you for leading the blood drive! I did that once in college and it was so hard I never did it again! I started to feel like a vampire asking everyone for their blood! Good for you!!!

  9. Love the red blouse and the proportions of this outfit. Kudos for doing the blood drive. I have avoid the area when they do them out at our college. It makes me queasy~

    I totally feel that deja vu feeling when getting dressed. I'm sure I miss out on some combos assuming I wore them. I usually try to look back through my archives, but most of the time I just go for it.

  10. No wonder your red shirt has been getting some love, it is gorgeous! This is a great color on you and the fit is awesome. Hope you are having a good day at the blood drive :)

  11. Great look, Bethie! Love the red and grey together. :)

  12. Fun to coordinate your look with the event! :) I love that necklace with that top!

    Jess - J's Style

  13. I like the bright top. Sometimes it is hard to tell if I've posted an outfit before or not.

  14. Hot top! Cool pendant! You make me go visit this Stella and Dot place...lol.


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