Friday, August 17, 2012

Guest post - A Summer Uniform

Today's guest post is from one of my favorite fellow MN gals, Maca from the Spanglish Life.  Maca is one of the few bloggers I talk with outside of blog world via Twitter and email and she is so crazy awesome I am still trying to figure out why the heck we haven't met in person yet!  We'll have to fix that one of these days.  Anyway, here she is to talk summer style - cause you know what, summer isn't over quite yet (even if we are enjoying cooler weather here in MN!).

Hello there Bethie the Boo readers! I'm Maca, the Chilean-now-Minnesotan from The Spanglish Life and I am thrilled to be guest posting here at the fashionable adventures while Beth is away relaxing and having way too much fun (good for you, girl!).
When Beth said she was looking for guest bloggers I jumped at the chance! I've been reading her blog for a while and I love the fact that she has decided to take fashion risks, experiment and get out of her comfort zone and document it all. I can really relate to that since I try to do the same. I admit I am not as good as she is since I do not post daily--I do get dress everyday just so you know. No need to call the cops.

So there you go, that's me. Nice to meet you. Now, onto the good stuff:

Beth offered the suggestion to write a post inspired by the "Dog Days of Summer" theme so here you have it. My Summer Uniform.

They say "write what you know" and this is what I know: I've been using these pieces--or a variation of them, because I do wash my clothes every once in a while--for most of this summer. I can't get tired of this combo. It's almost a sickness. I just think that the look is way too cute/happy/easy/comfy not to take advantage of it.

The Ballerina Bun (or sock bun): Easy, cute and a good way to keep your neck from sweating its little butt off because clearly necks have butts.

A Soft Pink Pout: Because pink is awesome. And Revlon Lip Butters are awesome too. I have the one called "strawberry shortcake" (and "candy apple" too which is a good red in case you're feeling bold).

Blush + Bronzer combo: I don't wear make up often but this little Elf duo has just been a lovely addition to my bag this season. Plus it's only $3. Can't. Go. Wrong.

A striped top: Who doesn't own one? they are an addiction and they go with everything. Even if Stacy London says you shouldn't wear horizontal stripes.

Bright Shorts: Mine are pink because, again, I think pink is awesome but really any color will do. It's the perfect way to cheer yourself up. These J. Crew ones are on sale.

Metallic Sandals: Metallics are supposed to be neutrals and you can find cheap and cute ones here.

Colorful Accents: Be it jewelry or nails, summer to me is all about color and fun and as I read the other day: "The little details are not little at all, they are what makes the big picture".

So there you have it! My summer uniform and favorites. I hope you liked them and maybe make you want to take a look at my own blog--after you read this one of course.

Have a wonderful day guys!



  1. YAY Beth! We do have to meet in person! Next blogger meet up?


  2. I always love a stripe top! Great post:)

  3. Oh, I wish I didn't know that those shorts were on sale now :)Love the stripes and colorful bracelet set!

  4. I think a striped top is perfect for any wardrobe, any age, any style, and any season.

  5. Those pink shorts only look cute on size 6 women. You know what I affectionately term them?

    Bum Covers


  6. great this shorts, i reall y love themmmmm


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