Tuesday, January 15, 2013

MMD Celebration

One of my favorite blog friends, the awesome Megan Mae of Megan Mae Daily is having a birthday this week! She's been a big supporter of my blog, so I had to devote a whole post in her honor! She asked all of us to come attend her virtual birthday party - so here is my outfit of celebration!

 Sweater - Maurices
Long sleeve shirt - Mossimo, Target
Skirt - Old Navy
Buttonflowers - MMD (of course!)
Boots - Payless

I chose a Megan-inspired outfit, lots of layers, fun yet comfortable shoes, and of course, buttonflowers!  In my opinion, you can never have too many of her awesome buttonflowers and I have quite a few!

I took a more detailed shot of my buttonflower arrangement on the sweater collar.  I like the layered effect of them and the different shades of pink.

I also added the fun socks Megan sent me for Christmas even though no one will see them under my long skirt - I will know they are there!

And no post in honor of Megan would be complete without a couple of kitty photos - she is a big kitty lover like myself, so I had to grab pictures of my furry loves this morning for her - not to mention, it's been awhile since they've been on the blog!  They were both pretty sleepy this morning!

 Taylor giving her kitty "laser death eye stare"

 Pippin curling up as an invitation to join her.  Wish I could kitten, wish I could.

Megan will be posting her virtual party on Thursday, so make sure you check out her blog to see the other guests and to wish her a very happy birthday!!


  1. Aww, you are so sweet, Beth - and I love you in shades of pink/purple! :) xo

  2. I love those buttonflowers! So cute! The socks are really cute too! Looks like a very comfortable outfit, which is always a good thing!

  3. That is really sweet of you to devote your post in honor of Megan's birthday. The button flowers are awesome! I love the one with the heart button :) Heather

  4. Your socks are so cute! Too cute to be hidden under the skirt! Bet Megan is going to love this post :)

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  5. Aw, kitties! I like all the colours in your outfit.

  6. happy birthday to her!!! i love your layered socks, and kitty pictures are always a plus!

  7. Happy Birthday to her! This outfit is so much fun, what an awesome party look :)

  8. I like the pink and purple together, and those are some really fun socks!

  9. Love that you wore pink and purple. Your socks are so cute and fun! Wishing her a happy birthday!


  10. Eee! I already responded to your email, but the outfit is so much fun! I love the buttonflowers and the socks, but that skirt steals the whole show.

    Hello kitties! I went and stole the cuddling picture of them for the e-party. Hope you don't mind! I'm happy to have lots of pets showing up for the party as well.

  11. Oh gosh I love this outfit so much! I love that sweater but the SKIRT WITH THE STRIPES! And I totally see this as a Megan Mae inspired look. You look awesome. :-)

  12. Awww that is such a sweet post with kind words. I love Megan's blog & style, too.

    Your Chevron skirt is cute and I love that you wore 3 super-pretty Button Flower Pins in her honor. I want like 5 of those button flowers so bad but it is hard shipping internationally & the costs. So I plan on buying some when I come to US later this year. =)

  13. "laser death stare" haha! Love those flower pins, very cute :)


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