Monday, January 28, 2013

Strike out

Hey peeps, welcome to Monday!  I hope you all had lovely weekends.  My lovely weekend ended up 1 for 3.  Out of the three things I had planned and talked about on Friday, only one really came to fruition.  Sometimes that just happens I guess!  More on that in a minute.  First up, my outfit today.  I also struck out on Inspiration Monday today - it's a super cute look that the birds chose from Drew Barrymore.  She's wearing a maxi dress and a flannel shirt.  Sadly I just couldn't come up with a reasonable combination that would also look decent for work.  So instead, I opted for my favorite alternative to the maxi dress for winter - the sweater dress.  With a second sweater on top because it's cold and it snowed.

Sweater dress - H&M, gift
Button sweater - Aeropostale (old)
Tights - Target
Boots - Old Navy
Necklace - S&D

So yes, the best laid plans this weekend I tell you.  Friday night after we were done rehearsing with our music group we got ready to head on down to the new taproom and then Mr. Monkey noticed he had a text from one of his friends that there was line just to get IN to the taproom that was so long it stretched down the block.  And it was in the teens-single digits on Friday night so we're like, no we are not going to go stand in line.  His friend said they were going to the tiki bar in the same neighborhood and we were welcome to join them.  I called my friend who was going to meet us and told her of the change in plans and then we ended up with a fairly large group down at the tiki bar and had a fun evening anyway, that comes complete with it's own stories for another day or we'd be here all day, but I was still bummed to not have gotten into the taproom.

Now Saturday was a good day.  Everything went according to plan on Saturday.  We did our Mass with our music group and we were able to enjoy our date night at the polish restaurant with our Groupon.  We even were home early enough to rent a movie (Ted) and got to bed at a fairly early hour given our late night on Friday.  But it felt nice.  It was a good day.  

Sunday I slept in, got up and grabbed some coffee from out and a couple of things from the store for our breakfast.  I planned to eat, shower and then head on down to South Minneapolis for my friend's spa party a little early so I could hit that clearance sale at b. (a resale shop) and maybe find something to wear for today.  Well Mother Nature had other plans for me, while we were making breakfast I looked at the weather forecast and found it was due to ice/sleet/snow at any second.  And within minutes it was raining.  Soon I got a text from my friend that the party was cancelled.  She said I was welcome to come and visit if I still wanted to, but as I'm watching the radar I decided better of it.  I don't like freeway driving in good weather conditions - add in ice and snow and it's just not a good mix for me.  So I opted to stay home where it was safe and warm.  And I cleaned out my bathroom closet and drawers and I vlogged.  Not a total waste of a day but again, I was kind of bummed!

Close up of my necklace as requested from the last time I wore it

So, it wasn't a horrible weekend by any stretch, but it did sort of feel like a little bit of striking out!  In the end, staying home yesterday was probably what I needed, we've been go-go-go since the holidays and it's nice to have downtime every now and then!

Even though I'm not there, go check out two birds for the Inspiration Monday looks - it really is a cute outfit that maybe I'll try another time!  How was YOUR weekend?


  1. Mother Nature really can wreck havoc on your plans. Either way, it sounds like you were still productive and had a little bit of fun along the way.

    Your red tights are so fun paired with the dress. Definitely drooling over your necklace! Heather

  2. Love your sweater dress and that necklace is TOO cute! :)

  3. Mother Nature got in the way of my weekend too. We were supposed to leave for the wedding Friday night but due to snow, we had to leave at the crack of dawn Sat morning.

    Your outfit looks warm and cozy with the double knits!

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    January Group Giveaway!

  4. Cute outfit! I'm sorry that your weekend didn't turn out like you had hoped it would. And I do hope we get out to that taproom very soon!!

  5. I love your necklace! And the layering sweaters was a great idea-especially when it is so cold out! We have to get used to weather cancelling our plans in the midwest, huh? Kind of a bummer, but glad you made the most of it!

  6. Sassy tights! I am so jealous of your S&D jewelry, Beth.

    I didn't leave the house all weekend.

  7. oh sorry that you didn't get to go to the taproom! I know you've been eager to :( Try again next week, right? :)

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    the shop of worldly delights

  8. hey Bethie! I think your weekend worked out great! That weather is an issue here, too. THANK YOU for the close-up of the necklace that rocks my socks!!!! That is a way wonderful piece of jewelry and I loved how your coordinated it with your entire OOTD! You are so fun! Ya thanks for the bracelet comments. I cheated and used a formerfoto. I didn't want to stress any more than I already had all weekend. Yay YOU!

  9. It sounds like a good weekend overall though! I love that sweater dress, so cozy!

  10. Love your necklace! Have a good week:)

  11. I like the sweater dress. It is a good alternative to a maxi dress, which probably would have gotten soaked in the snow today.

  12. Love the sweater dress, cardi, tights combination! You look cute and cozy. :) Sorry your weekend didn't go as planned. Hope your week is great though!

  13. i love the double sweater look! and that necklace is great. i wish my weekend was more like yours. i had a ton of fun...but maybe it was too much fun! staying home sounds nice!

  14. The sweater dress is really cute! I bet it's nice in this weather! Pity about the taproom! I didn't make it lindyhopping either but I did go shopping (oops!)

  15. That's a bummer that your weekend didn't turn out exactly like you planned, but I'm glad you still had fun! I'm really liking those colored tights with your sweater dress. It's such a good way to mix up the outfit each time you wear it!

    Jess - J's Style

  16. Lovely necklace and tights in particular, but I like all of this outfit. You used my number one favourite word - fruition. I even have it engraved on the necklace I wear every day :-)

  17. LOVE that necklace, S&D makes the cutest pieces! Plus sweater dresses and coloured tights is one of my favourite combos. It still sounds like you had a great weekend, I tend to make minimal plans now on the weekend so I'm not bummed if things don't go according to plan!

  18. Definitely a bummer about the taproom but your sweater dress is SO CUTE! Love it. And that necklace it wonderful.

  19. Every once and a while, a blog post comes along where I sit around after reading it, and think of all the ways I'd style a piece if I owned it, and today it was yours -- so many options with that dress. And I loved how you paired it with bright leggings!

  20. Second time I see this sweater dress/tunic on you and I really like it. Looks great with Cranberry-Red Tights on and the cozy Uggs. And what a Gorgeous Statement Necklace. =)

  21. Great sweater dress and I love that you went with those bold tights!

    Pearls & Paws

  22. Gorgeous striped sweater dress! The colors are awesome. Sorry about the bum weekend plans. I spent my weekend going crazy without my computer. But I stuck my nose in my school books and kept busy studying.


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