Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dogging it

Today called for a warm sweater and a scarf.  It's getting colder again and they're using the "w" word again too (windchill).  I decided to take this scottie dog sweater for another spin.  It's warm and cozy and who doesn't want to wear scottie dogs to the office?

Sweater - thrifted
Thermal shirt - F21
Pants - Worthington, JCPenney
Scarf - World Market
Earrings - Cookie Lee
Shoes - Rampage, DSW 

So you all know I'm a crazy cat lady, but I do like dogs quite a bit as well.  In fact, Mr. Monkey and I would love to have a dog in addition to our two kitties, but we're just not home enough right now to make that really worthwhile.  The cats are independent enough that if we're not around it's not a big deal, but a dog would be unhappy.  Especially because we'd love a golden retriever and they are fairly social.  We have the best yard ever for a dog, so I believe it will happen someday though!

Until that day comes, I'll just keep loving on my kitties and getting my dog fix through shirts like this one!
Are you a dog person, a cat person, both or neither?


  1. Def. a dog person, but kitties are starting to grow on my since our trip to Greece. They were everywhere and so social. I always had a cat on my lap, and then, all of a sudden, I liked cats (before that I did not). :) You look cute in pink, B!

  2. Your sweater is so fun! I would love a scotty dog sweater.

    I love dogs and cats equally. We have a yellow lab and our adopted cat William that we borrow from the neighbor :)

  3. I AM BOTH! Definitely both. I have to be honest though, I used to be only a cat person. I grew up with a dog and a cat and I loved my dog but I was never a huge fan of dogs in general. But now that I have a dog (because the bf was NOT okay with a cat at the time and I wanted a pet) I am totally open again to dogs and have really started to love them. So I'm both now. Wow that was a long ramble, sorry about that ;) Anyway, LOVE your thrifted sweater, so cute!

  4. Your sweater is so cute! I am definitely a dog person. I'm allergic to cats so they are out. I love having my dogs, but you're right that it's huge responsibility. I always have to be home by a certain time to walk them and we have to plan for them when we go on vacation.

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  5. Cat sweater! My dog is really a giant cat, so she's pretty easy to care four aside from when we need someone to watch her when we goout of town.

  6. Both! Oh I love this sweater!! Are those Scotties? We used to have one growing up, they are so cute!

  7. Cute outfit today! I can't wait for you and Pants Monkey to get a dog - Tucker will have a play mate!! I like cats (although will never own one due to being allergic). I do love dogs, especially Tucker(the most)!!!

  8. Love the pink and grey! And I am totally a dog person. Mainly because hubby and I are both deathly allergic to cats. :) Actually I'm allergic to dogs too, but we have a 13 year old Maltese and they are hypoallergenic (something to do with no undercoat and no shedding). Also your sweater brought back memories. I had the most awesome scottie dog print blouse my senior year in high school. Man I loved that thing. :)

  9. I love both cats and dogs, but can't have cats because I'm allergic to them :( My mother has three outdoor kitties and I love them when I'm there :) We have 2 dogs and they are my fur babies! Love your doggie sweater. It's so darn adorable!


  10. I am definitely more of a dog person, but I do have my cats, too. I really do love all animals... even my kids... ;-)

  11. We're primarily cat people, as we both grew up with cats. Although I don't think we'd mind having a dog someday either. I'd like to adopt some from our animal shelter! And yeeeess the weather, what is up? Our public schools were cancelled for tomorrow because of the cold-that never happens! Stay warm dearie in your darling sweater! :)

  12. So not a dog person! I think the problem is that the only dog I've had real time with is my in-laws purebred bulldog. He slobbers, he smells, he's constantly, er, pleasing himself, he's hugely overweight (because he has terrible knees and hips, and can't make it down the driveway without taking a break), but yet thinks he's a lapdog. And he eats my shoes. Of course, I do love how excited he gets to see me (or the postman. Or a stranger), and kind of wish cats could show that enthusiasm for something other than food. But I do love me some cats!

  13. I love both! But I'm allergic to many dog breeds. I do love my brother's bichon frise because he didn't cause any allergic reaction. I'm a cat lover at heart because dogs are too high maintenance. Cats I love because they generally take care of themselves with minimal training. They learn to poop in a box (or outside) at a young age. And once they learn "Dammit NO stay out of the trash, off the counter, and stop shredding the toilet paper" they're pretty much great. Some cats I even got to skip some of the steps because they didn't care to get into things.

    Although out of the larger breeds, I have a huge soft spot for golden retrievers. They're perma-happy dogs, I love their faces.

  14. Your sweater is so cute Beth...We have a dog but I always cave when I see cute kitty photos!


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