Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Birds fly

I still need to charge my regular camera battery, but I had to share this adorable shirt today - this was another purchase from an Instagram shop - and it has freaking birds on it!  I had to have it.  I'm such a nerd.  But it's birds!!

Bird shirt - Gap, via Court's Crazy Closet on Instagram
Sweater - Decree, JcPenney
Pants - Express, consignment
Necklace - Charming Charlie
Boots - Target 

And beyond that I have nothing terribly witty to share today - the baby had a rough night, there is no coffee in my office yet and I pulled a muscle in my back so I'm kind of in a fog right now.  And it's snowing again, but when isn't it lately?  I did get a new washer and dryer delivered to my house last night and I'm kind of excited to go home and wash clothes in it - that just tells you the level of excitement in my life these days!  I'm such a mom.  And a 30 something.  Woo hoo!


  1. Sorry about your back, and Ollie having a rough night. Hopefully the day will get better. Hugs!!

  2. YEssssss Birds!!!!!!!! I adore this top and how freaking awesome do you look (answer-very).

  3. Ha ha! Isn't it sad as we get older we get excited about appliances? A new washer and dryer is a huge deal! The shirt is super cute and you look great!

  4. The bird print is so cute! We don't have a washer and dryer but I would kill for one!!

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  5. No, I'm pretty sure I was super excited when we got a new washer and dryer too-It's fun to wash clothes in machines that work! haha. And I love things with bird print on them, I definitely don't blame your for snatching up this shirt. Hope you get some rest dear one!

  6. I can never pass up anything with birds on it either! Love that top!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  7. there's nothing wrong with being excited about a new appliance!! i hope ollie sleeps better tonight and there is a huge pot of coffee waiting for you at work. and icy hot is great for pulled muscles, but it will make you smell way older than you are! ;)

  8. Dude, that shirt is everything! Such a fun print! We are currently shopping around for a dryer, so I totally feel your excitement right now!

  9. I went running into my husband's office at home last night screaming : "Scott! Smell this! Smell it!" and thrust a pair of pants in his face, because I was so proud to have finally washed the terrible fabric softener smell they had when I bought them. I totally get the excitement over new appliances that can do magical things like clean!
    That shirt is so fun!

  10. That's such a cute shirt! Hoping that coffee appeared and made the day a little bit easier to survive. :)

  11. hey, when the washer in my apt broke last fall, i was SO excited when it was replaced with a brand spankin new fancy model, so i hear ya - that's something to be excited about! as is your blouse -- i LOVE it! it looks perfect with the cardigan you're wearing!

  12. That shirt is adorable and looks perfect with orange. Birds make me happy too and I have my bird earrings on, today. The last paragraph made me laugh too. I am a 30-something and a mom as well. =) Haha.


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