Thursday, March 20, 2014

First day of spring

It is the first day of spring - but it still isn't anything spring like outside.  We actually had a freezing fog alert this morning - what the heck is that?  Seriously.  Anyway, I chose a nice green for spring look today - I probably should have wore this on St. Patrick's Day, but oh well.  

 It's crazy to me how fast this month is going.  I guess it's true what they say when you have kids, time really does go fast sometimes!  I'm looking forward to this weekend, we don't have plans and it will be nice to have some family time!  I just wish the weather was going to be a little nicer, I'd like to take Ollie to the zoo or something.  I know we'll be able to do all of that soon hopefully.

Shirt  - Mossimo, Target, thrifted
Pants - Athleta, from sister in law
Necklace - DIY by me
Purse - Lulu's

Most exciting blog post ever.  I just have so little to share I guess!  So I'll just leave with a question - is it springy where you are?

Also I am linking up with Heather, Andi and Ashley today for a Green Week link up!  Head over to any of their blogs to see other green looks and add your own!


  1. I like you outfit today. The green tip is a nice spring color! I can't wait for spring to get here. Hopefully it will be right around the corner!

  2. Happy first day of spring, dear!! You do look very cute today!

  3. Green is great for the first day of spring! The weather is very up and down here. Today it'll be 55 but earlier in the week I was wearing my parka.

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  4. Green works! Happy Spring to you! Thanks for fun compliments. I knew I wanted that yellow clutch in a Spring post. lol I'm behind a bit so today is catch up on everyone's posts. I love both this ensemble and yesterday's. too. I still say you don't look like you ever had a kid!

  5. I have never heard of a freezing fog alert! We're in Ohio, and my husband looked at his phone earlier and went on a rant about how does tomorrow's forecast say high of 63 but there's also snowflakes in the little picture of the forecast. Ugh!


  6. That sweatshirt is so nice and cozy. It is definitely Springy in Albania. Happy Spring, Beth!

  7. Happy Spring! A trip to the zoo sounds great. Hopefully you will get to take Ollie very soon :) No spring for us yesterday, but today it's supposed to be 60 degrees. woot woot! Have a great weekend!


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