Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fresh new day

Hello!  Thanks to all of you who read my vent yesterday and left such sweet comments!  The day got a little better and ended with Tylenol for baby, Nyquil for daddy and a beer for mommy, so it could have been worse!  We all got a little more sleep last night at least!  Today seems a little better so far!

So even though I am a little more rested I still was having a hard time deciding what to wear today - so I decided to let Pinterest dress me again!  I have a bunch of outfit ideas pinned right now that I can very easily put together and it so helps me some mornings when I'm in a fog!

It would be nice if I could start wearing items I've pinned that are more spring like, but since winter is holding on here, I chose a "winter to spring" type look with my mint jeans, boots and a scarf.  It would be very easy to do this look again later in spring by removing the scarf like the gal above did in one picture and maybe even wearing flats instead of boots!

Sweater - Decree, JcPenney, thrifted
Tank top - Liz Lange nursing top, from friend
Jeans - JCP, JcPenney 
Boots and scarf - Target

I always feel so fresh when I wear these jeans - I suppose part of that is because they are mint and mint equals freshness!  I just love that I can cheat and wear jeans to work as long as they are colored!  I should get a few other pairs in various colors - the only other pair I have is red.

So anyway, today just feels better overall so it seemed like a good day to wear a "fresh" look for a "fresh" new day.  Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday as well!


  1. I love those jeans - very springy! A beer sounds so tasty!

  2. You look fantastic and fresh! Glad the night went better. :-)

  3. I always love it when you wear those jeans! I SO need to get a pair for work too, I am thinking a red pair. I am really glad that your day improved! Meh, it snowing again here too, but it is supposed to be in the 50's by Friday, so there is hope! hang in there!

  4. I always enjoy your pinterest fashions because you recreate them so beautifully. I too am a fan of colored jeans- I feel like they injected some color into the otherwise dark neutral (and always grey and foggy!) San Francisco winters.

  5. I honestly was just thinking to myself, "she looks so fresh today" and then I read your words....crazy! I am so glad you feel better...hopefully the beer was good!!! And I love this fun outfit. Mint pants are on my need list!

  6. Great outfit choice! Mint is such a great color when you want to really channel a spring look...boots were perfect for dealing with this awful "spring" weather too!


  7. You look fantastic! So cute! -Tammy

  8. I love the color of those mint jeans!!


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