Friday, March 7, 2014

Feline Friday

I haven't talked about the cats in ages here.  I feel for them, they most definitely have taken a backseat to Oliver, but we have done our best to show them as much love as we can, especially when he's sleeping.  His new evening schedule is working well for this, he goes to bed, we eat a little dinner and then we get kitty snuggle time.  And even though I mostly share pictures of Oliver here - believe it or not I still take pictures of my fur babes too - they were my first babies and I still love them like crazy!  Here are a few:

Pippin loves to sit pretty much anywhere she shouldn't be.  She was hanging out on the top of our basement bar the other night.  Maybe she wanted a beer.

Taylor has made friends with Oliver, it's really quite cute.  I really thought being that she's a little older and has some emotional issues (a lot of rescue cats do) that she'd have a hard time with him, but she seems to be handling him just fine - she'll even jump on my lap when I'm nursing or playing with him and lick his head. And he thinks she's the bees knees, he gets so excited when she comes near him.  I've slowly started teaching him how to "pet the kitty" - I fear for her when he really figures it out though!  I think Pippin will like him a bit more when he's just a little older and a little less noisy.  At least I hope so.

We have a giant homemade diaper bag that a friend of my mother-in-law made us and I use that to take back and forth to my parents house each day.  After I got home a week ago, Pippin decided it would make a nice bed.  Pippin is a huge cat - so that should give you some idea as to how big this bag is!

As you've heard me complain, it's been a freaking cold winter.  You know it's a cold day when these two are cuddled up together somewhere - and I found them like this quite often when I was home on maternity leave. They'd keep Ollie company when he'd be napping in my bedroom.

They're good girls and really, they've taken the whole "new baby in the house" thing pretty well overall.  It could be much worse, my parents had to re-home a cat after I was born, so I'm glad things haven't gone that badly at all!  Of course my son comes first, but I sure would miss these little furballs!


  1. i'm so glad they all get along!! that pic of taylor and ollie is adorable!

  2. Haha, the photo of Pippin on the bar is hilarious! It's so nice that Taylor has taken a liking to looks like they're friends already :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Aw, I love the pictures of your kitties. I'm really happy that they are adjusting to Oliver, and that you are still trying to give them lots of attention.

  4. That's great that they have adjusted so well after bringing Oliver home. That picture cracks me up of Pippin in the diaper bag! Have a great weekend!

  5. Awww! Cats! I love your little furry babies, they are so cute!

  6. My nephew had some separation anxiety any time my sister left his sight line. It never lasted long, you just had to distract him quickly. Looking at his cat always worked. To this day, even though he's much more independent, any time my sister leaves the room, my instinct is to see where the cat is "just in case". So glad Oliver has little buddies to love!

  7. Awww, you have some of the absolutely cutest kitties in the world. Surprisingly, my rescue cats are often more adaptable than my "home raised" ones. The rescues are usually more grateful to be inside, to receive love and attention. Of course they can come with behavior problems, but tbh, my from-a-litter Spike is way more fussy/spoiled/rotten than my from-the-backwoods Watson!

    But then again, I think tuxedos generally have good personalities anyway.

  8. Awwww, this post made me so happy. Your baby boy looks great next to the fur babies. =)

  9. Poly has also taken a major backseat. I also take tons of pictures of her but just don't put them on the blog anymore. When Ella is crying, Poly gets up and leaves the room. Otherwise she just hangs out too. Poly will want attention that sometimes she cries at my feet while I'm nursing.


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