Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mini-Ollie Update - 16 weeks

I haven't done an Oliver post in awhile so felt compelled to do so today.  His four month birthday isn't until next week, so we'll still do an update post then too, but I can still share a little bit now!  16 weeks old yesterday.

He's become quite a chatterbug as of late, I just adore listening to him babble.  He's definitely a morning person - he's at his best between about 8:00 am and noon or so.  If he gets good afternoon naps we can get some pleasantness in the early evening before bedtime too, but it depends on the day.

We've started adding a book to our nighttime routine and I love that he actually looks at the pictures.  He cuddles in and even seems to be listening to us.  It's one of my favorite times of the day.  Our nighttime routine has been go for a walk on the evenings it's been warm enough and if it's not, we play a bit, then pajamas, storytime, nurse a bit, swaddle, lullaby, bop to bed.  Yep, bop to bed.  He likes to be bounced more than rocked or swayed.  We learned that trick from the book The Happiest Baby on the Block and it seems to work well for now. I don't take it for granted though that we have a routine that works right now - it could always change!

I've been having fun with the A Beautiful Mess app for pictures I've taken.  I have to thank Lori for telling me about it!  It's pretty easy to use which is pretty much a requirement for me.  It's getting harder to get good pictures of my little guy too, he moves around quite a bit whether he's doing tummy time, floor mat time or jumping in his jumperoo.  This boy loves to move and I fear a bit the day he starts crawling - and especially walking. I don't know that we'll be able to keep up!

I could watch him sleep for hours.  He had a difficult evening the other night and just didn't want to go to bed on his own right away, so I cuddled him while we watched TV and I remembered how much I love watching him sleep.  I don't ever want to forget these moments.

The teething fairy is still hanging around and doesn't look like she'll be leaving anytime soon.  We are using both Naturals Baby Orajel and sometimes Tylenol if it's bad enough and it does seem to take the edge off. Other than those issues though he's really coming into his own as a sweet little person and I could not love him more!  I'll share more in next week's monthly update, but I just couldn't resist taking time for Ollie this week too since he's changing by the day!


  1. He is quite simply ADORABLE!!! I love him so much!!

  2. He is such a cutie! Glad to hear he's settling into a routine!

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  3. He is really such a doll! I'm sure the teething stage is difficult, hope you all get through it okay!

  4. The little peanut! You could seriously just post pics of him every single day and it would never get old. Little cutie!

  5. He is such an adorable little peanut!

  6. I read this post this morning when I got to work, logged in, and realized I wasn't ready to face the truth of day... thanks for the little rays of Ollie! Set a much better tone to my day!

  7. I love routines with kids...things that they will for sure remember as they grow up! He really is adorable!!!!

  8. Oh, I'm pleased to see some many cute pics of your cute boy. Thanks for the compliment about my thrift shopping skills. (hug)


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