Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That's Entertainment

I tell you guys - I am so behind on entertainment and pop culture right now!  Even though we have been lucky enough to get Oliver to bed early enough to watch TV a little bit in the evenings, we've been choosing to watch old shows in favor of our current ones because we're just nerdy like that.  Right now we've been making our way through The West Wing.  I never watched it the first time around.  We just started season two, I am so hooked!  We've also been re-watching Dead Like Me for the third time through I believe. Sometimes the tried and true shows are just more fun to watch.  Some of our regular shows are just not as good anymore and I feel that now that my time is more precious, I'd rather not waste it on something that I'm just lukewarm to.

The one show I have made sure we've stayed current on is Shameless - it is a show that has yet to let me down in terms of entertainment quality.  I find that to be true of most of the shows from Showtime or HBO. It is definitely not a lighthearted show or one for the faint of heart though!  This season has gotten exceptionally dark. Thankfully Portlandia is back now too, so we always have that watch and decompress after we watch Shameless!

Sweater - Love 21, swap
Pants - Herbergers
Bag - Shiraleah via Zulily
Necklace - S&D

In other entertainment news in my world - there are about five movies coming out this month that I want to see and not enough time or babysitters to make that happen. Mostly it's time - we have very willing babysitters actually.  But anyway,  Muppets Most Wanted, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Divergent and the Veronica Mars movie are all out very soon or maybe are already out and I'm dying to see all of them.  Who knew March was such a big movie month?  Someday I'll get around to all of them!


  1. Love the color of your sweater and it looks so chic with that necklace! I hope you can get around to seeing at least one of those movies and have a date :)

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  2. Very cute sweater today! And I really want to see The Budapest Hotel as well!

  3. I LOVE that sweater! How nice! We are behind on our shows too. We started Almost Human, and need to catch up. I really want to watch Portlandia, i've seen a few episodes here and there. MUPPETS, YES.

  4. do you ever see your old clothes on other people and want them back? that's how i feel about this sweater! ;) also, the west wing was one of the best shows on tv, imo!

  5. You mean it's only going to get worse, not being able to keep up with TV? That sweater looks so cozy and yet stylish! Jealous!

  6. You look super stylish in this outfit. This sweater is perfect is on you! I want to see The Muppet Movie too. The previews look awesome!

  7. Great sweater. I love the color, style and fit.


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