Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pinned and Did It - Striped skirt

I have tons of outfit ideas pinned for my jersey black and white striped skirt.  I told my mom the other day if I could live in this skirt everyday I would.  It's so freaking comfortable and yet it's stylish and I can't get enough of it.  There will be more pin-spired looks from this skirt, I can guarantee it.  Today I chose this one.

How adorable is this chick, seriously?  Anyway, this outfit could not have been easier to put together. Sweatshirt, scarf, striped skirt, black tights, brown boots. Boom.

That's right.  I'm wearing a sweatshirt.  To work.  The scarf and the skirt make it dressy somehow.  It works.  Really.  Maybe I'm trying to convince myself too much - it does seem like a crime to be wearing something this comfy at work.

Sweatshirt and skirt - Mossimo, Target
Scarf and boots - Target

Apparently I'm also a walking ad for Target in this outfit.  Oh well, it is my home away from home after all.  I won't be surprised if Oliver's first word is "Target".  He's been there quite a bit in his short little life so far!

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  1. You did a great job recreating the look! I have a really similar striped skirt and I'm always looking for new ways to style it!

    The Tiny Heart
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  2. It's striped skirts or shirts all over Pinned It & Did It today! But I agree-- it feels so wonderfully scandalous to wear something very comfortable to work, and not have it look like you're in your pajamas. Officially switched to maternity tights today, paired with a cotton dress and oh my goodness, I feel more comfortable than being in my pajamas.

  3. I LOVE this look! It looks so cozy and chic! Score! lol, Oliver will soon love Target too! I can't help it, I basically live there. Lately, it seems like everything I get is from Target!

  4. This looks lovely! I think you would look great in some of our vintage clothing
    Becky x

  5. You look comfy, cozy and stylin'! I understand why you love that skirt so much. Lately all I can think about is stripes, dots and gold glitter!

  6. i have a striped skirt, too...i like the idea of it with a cute sweatshirt! maybe this weekend i'll try!

  7. Hahaha about Target. You look great. I own a Ponte B+W Striped Skirt that I love and for which I have pinned many looks with, too.

  8. I love that pin and your version of the look! I think a scarf always dresses up an outfit too, so I think that made it perfect for work. :)


  9. Looking great, Beth! I bet I could do this look with my striped jersey dress and a sweater. Too bad it's already warming up down south!


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