Monday, March 17, 2014

Inspiration Monday - Luck O The Irish

Hello everyone!  I'm actually participating in two birds Inspiration Monday for the first time in weeks!  Can you believe it??  Anyway, the model this week is Alyssa Miller - Jake Gyllenhaal's girlfriend.  

My pictures aren't the best, my regular camera died so I had to rely on the cell phone this morning - but I kind of went for a mishmash on both of their outfits in a way!  And it's St. Patrick's Day so I had to pull in some green too!

I am a small amount Irish - and I know, aren't we all on St. Patrick's Day? - and it may not be much, but I'm proud of what I have!  We'll be celebrating this evening with corned beef brisket and a little beer.  Last year Mr. Monkey and I may have went a little overboard in our celebrating, so I'm kind of glad we will be keeping it a bit more low key this year!

Shirtdress - Gap, thrifted
Jacket - AMX, from cousin
Leggings and boots - Target

And before I go, I have to share this picture of my little lucky charm  - he just barely fits into this onesie I bought him for today from Old Navy, but it at least works well enough for today!  He's my favorite.

He was so well behaved at my cousin's wedding this weekend - I was pretty proud of him!  He did great in the car too which gives us encouragement for a bigger road trip we'll be taking this summer!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!  And be sure to check out two birds here for more Inspiration Monday outfits!


  1. i love that you mixed both outfits! and i love your dress. and what a sweet pic of ollie!! i'm so glad he did well this weekend!

  2. What a cute look! I love your jacket! Have a fabulous St. Patrick's Day!

  3. Yay! 3 Cheers for Oliver - yay, yay, yay! Thanks for your fun compliment. I'll have my biopsy info on my 'pink update' when I know the results. At this point tho, I am thinking 75% for lumpectomy. Yay - again.

    1. oops, duh! I love your ensemble today. Looks great on you.

  4. Awww what a cutie!! And I love that you combined the two looks for your IM outfit--it turned out so cute!

  5. It looks really cute! And awwwwww! What a cutie pie!

  6. You look awesome, I swear women are more beautiful after they have kids. Your little one is adorable...well, you knew that! dawn suitcase vignettes

  7. I really like your take on thus. Id wear it in a heartbeat!!!! X

  8. Very cute outfits on both of you:)

    Alena &

  9. You did a great job copying the style :)

  10. I love that you combined both looks, especially because when I saw this picture last week it made me really want to wear my flannel and some comfortable jeans! :)


  11. Glad the road trip worked out!

  12. He looks adorable in bright green. What a little ham. I am glad it was a smooth wedding for him, too.


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