Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Currently in February

It's time again for one of my favorite link ups of the month, Currently with Anne of In Residence and Jenna from Dearest Love.  I love this monthly check in of what we're up to!

--Currently I am--

Hearting - My Boys.  Always.  I could not love them more - especially when Ollie drags a book over to Nate and hands it to him and is like "Read?" And my sweet patient husband reads Mr. Brown Can Moo about ten times in a row.  I heart them both so much.

Reading - Gone Girl.  I have every intention of finishing it before I watch the movie.  I am enjoying the book, I am not enjoying that I'm not making the time to read it as much as I want to.  Lately I am just crashing at night instead of taking even ten minutes for reading and I'm sure part of that is we're not turning the TV off as early as we could or should be.  I need to change that!

Pinning - Lots of recipes and outfit ideas as usual.  I made a dessert I had pinned for the Super Bowl this weekend - S'mores Cookie Cake.  It was very good - but VERY rich.  They recommend serving it warm because of all the marshmallows and I can understand why.  I did enjoy it but it was so sweet it almost made my teeth hurt, not sure if I'd make it again.

Eating - Other sweets besides my S'mores dessert - I totally had to go buy the Red Velvet Oreos yesterday.  And they're pretty darn good.  I think my heart still belongs to the Birthday Cake flavor as far as the "special" Oreos go, but the Red Velvet ones are pretty dang good.  I also found Strawberry Cupcake Boom Chica Pop.  It might sound weird, but oh my favorite flavor.  I think I might need to join a gym...ha.

Anticipating - SPRING!  I am just not a winter girl, sorry.  And we're not even having a bad winter this year, but I just miss all of our outdoor activities pretty hardcore right now. I can't wait for walks, disc golf, eating on patios and just being out in the fresh air.  It will be here before I know and I'm sure I'll lament about how fast time is going!

So that's what I'm up to this month!  What are you currently doing?  And make sure to check out Anne and Jenna's blogs for other Currently posts or to link up your own!

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