Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Snapshot

Hey everyone!  Hope you all had good weekends!  Mine is still going, I made it a three day weekend and took today off, so I'm enjoying an extra day with my boy!  I'm hosting a link up today though with Tricia of Like I Said Lady (who was my awesome Secret Santa in the Great Christmas Exchange this last December) and wanted to share a little of my weekend so far.  Here are some photos and what we've been up to!

So I posted this on Instagram the other night - some husbands give their flowers for Valentine's Day, mine gets me a case of my favorite beer.  Bell's Hopslam is back for the season and we were joking we end up buying so many six packs of it while we can that we should maybe see if we could get a case but I didn't know if he was serious.  Nate then showed up with this and I pretty much geeked out. Ollie was excited too.

Ollie was also pretty excited to hear he was getting a three day weekend with mama when we got home on Friday evening! And I tell you, this kid seriously gets selfies - I pull out the phone and turn it around so he can see and he grins immediately. #Ham.

Friday night was pretty low key, Nate picked us up some burgers from our favorite burger joint and we watched Napoleon Dynamite because we had been talking about it recently and hadn't watched it in ages.  It's always good for a laugh - I remember the first time I saw it though and I didn't understand it all - it took multiple viewings for me to finally appreciate it and now it's one of my favorites.

Saturday morning we got up early and took to our new favorite activity - walking the mall, because apparently we're old people.  Nate's been on a bit of a wellness kick lately and I've been missing getting out for our daily walks with Ollie, so we decided to give this a try on the weekends.  It's nice, we get some exercise, Ollie enjoys the bright lights and things to see in the windows of the stores and then we grab a treat from Caribou Coffee and head home.

After we got home this last Saturday, Ollie went down for a nap and I went and shopped a workshop at Second Debut Consignment (part of Goodwill) that Megan and Nora of two birds were hosting for Valentine's Day.  They found me an awesome dress to wear to my dinner - which you'll see in a little bit.

Then I had to go have lunch with my mini-Valentine, who was up and cute as ever.  Nate grilled some brats for us and we had a nice little lunch as a family.

We took Ollie to an indoor playground near us for a little bit so he could get some interaction with someone other than us and then headed back home so Nate and I could get ready for our dinner out. I grabbed a picture of my handsome boys because they make my heart burst with happiness.

My parents graciously watched Ollie for us while we went out for a nice dinner at this sweet little Italian place not far from us.  Nate and I enjoyed a fabulous meal, wine and conversation.  It is always nice to get out just the two of us as much as we love spending time as a family.  Below is the outfit I wore that I got at the workshop!

Sunday we were lazy, slept in a bit and I enjoyed some extra cuddles with my boy.  Later in the morning we met up with Nate's parents and sister for lunch at an Indian buffet we enjoy.

Sunday night I met up with some of my favorite blogger friends and we had a ladies night with wine, snacks and Cards Against Humanity.  And side splitting laughter.  And hashtag jokes and silliness.  I love those ladies.

And that brings us to today!  Ollie and I are going to have lunch with Nate and I might try and shop some sales at Target later.  We'll see how the day shakes out!  I hope you all had a great weekend too and will have a great week ahead!  Make sure to check out Tricia's blog and feel free to link up your own weekend post or any post from the last week!
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