Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thrift Style Thursday - All About That Bass

I think Brittany from Lipstick and Yarn just really wanted us all to have Meghan Trainor stuck in our heads all day when she picked this week's theme!  I'm kidding, but I bet you're all singing that song now!  

This week, we're showcasing our thrifted pants.  I chose a pair of red corduroys I bought in early January and somehow haven't worn yet.  I think I need to do a closet sweep again, seriously. Anyway, I love how soft and comfy these are - and it got super cold again overnight, so corduroy is the perfect solution for that!

I have been wearing a lot of pants this winter as my style has changed a bit.  I still love skirts and dresses in the spring and summer, but I find myself shying away from them more in the winter unless they're a sweaterdress or something more on the casual side.  I've professed my love of the Old Navy pixie pants a bunch of times on the blog, but I would say my next favorite place to shop for pants is definitely the thrift store.  I've had especially good luck in finding colored denim or colored pants like these.  I find you have to have patience when thrifting pants, it can be pretty hit or miss with selection, but every now and then you strike gold like I did with these!  I also recommend always looking at the size above and below the size you normally wear if you're thrifting pants - sometimes the larger size will fit more like your normal size because they'll have shrunk from washing and sometimes the smaller size will surprise you, especially if it's a brand you haven't tried before.

Sweater - Old Navy (from IG friend), Shirt - LOFT (thrifted)
Pants - LOFT (thrifted), Boots - Target
Scarf - Secret Santa swap 

I feel pretty set on pants now, so I'm slowing down in my thrifting a bit for winter here and waiting for warmer weather and then I'll start looking for more summery things like skirts again!  Although I'm always on the quest for the perfect jeans - why are those so hard to find??

Please be sure to check out all my fellow Thrift Style Thursday gals at their blogs below and see how they're showcasing their best thrifted bottoms!

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