Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hair, down to here, down to there

Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you may already know this news.  I have made a major decision.  I don't take these things lightly.  I am going to grow out my hair.  I know, I know, I keep saying I am probably a pixie girl for life and the thing is, I think I'm a short hair girl for life, but I need a change.  Plain and simple, I am bored.  I've contemplated growing this style out a bit and then changing it into something else for awhile now, so I'm taking the plunge.  I have pretty much warned everyone I'm going to be whiny and cranky for awhile because growing out a pixie is THE WORST. I did it once before.  I had cut my hair super short at the tail end of college because I thought "I'm going to be a professional, I need grown up hair" and then ended up working with kids for the next two years instead of the corporate world.  I pretty much started growing my hair right after graduation because I knew Nate and I would likely be heading towards a wedding and I wanted an updo.  I didn't get my hair quite as long as it was in the lovely Glamour Shot style picture I shared with you all on last Friday (the post is here if you missed it) but I did get my hair long enough for an updo by my wedding.  After our wedding I continued to let it get long over about a year, but then decided I'd had enough of that (my hair is THICK and just gets stringy the longer it gets) and somehow just kept getting shorter and shorter each year until now.  For fun, I thought I'd share some pictures I have stored on my computer so you can see some various styles I've had over the last almost ten years or so!

This picture is from my engagement party in 2005 - and it's after about a year of growing out the pixie the last time.  And yes it was red.  I used to dye my hair red quite a bit.  This look Nate lovingly refers to as my "mushroom hair."

The date on this next one is wrong, my camera never worked right for that - it's actually April 2006, one month before my wedding and there I am with baby Taylor.  So we're at almost two years of growth there.

The next picture there I'm with my friend Gina at our church show in early 2007 - this is about as long as my hair got and then I chopped it all off almost immediately after this.

I don't have a date on this one, but it's right around when I first cut it shorter again, so probably March 2007.  This is the length it would stay for kind of awhile, sort of that angled chin length bob.

Summer 2008, still kind of that same look going on.  Still dying the hair red.  And glasses - this was pre-Lasik and after I gave up wearing contacts.

Here is Fall 2008, I started going a little bit shorter, still that angled bob type look, but I was having it cut much shorter in the back.  Gave up on hair dying somewhere around here too.

This one I think is from early 2011, shortly before my Lasik surgery and when I decided to go all in on a short pixie for the first time.  From that point on, while the type of pixie style I've had has changed here and there, this has pretty much been my hair style now for four years.  And as I said above, I'm bored.  So, we'll see how far this goes.  I am also not sure if I'm going to try to grow my bangs or not, I kind of feel like this time I might keep the bangs, but grow the rest of the hair. Thankfully it's still winter, so hats will be my friends for awhile.  I've been digging out all my old headbands, bobby pins and barrettes.  I'm ready.  Here's hoping I don't kill anyone in this process! And for fun, here is my hair as of today - I'll keep sharing progress as I go - and where I'll stop, nobody knows, I'm just embracing (word of the year alert!) change.  Let's do this!

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