Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Signs I'm Getting Older

This week's prompt for the writing exercise I'm doing with the Let Your Blog Shine group is "Signs I'm Getting Older."  The concept of getting older isn't something a lot of people like to talk about all that much, but I'm not going real deep here, I'll keep it kind of light in fact.

Basically, this clip from the TV show Friends can kind of sum up my thoughts a little bit.

In this clip, the guys are basically lamenting about the fact that they can no longer party like they did in their 20's now that they are almost 30.  I can relate to more than one thing in this clip sadly!

When they order drinks, Joey and Ross ask for decaf coffee because they don't want to be up all night.  That's pretty much where I'm at.  I can have tea into the afternoon, but no coffee after 12 pm for this lady!

Chandler orders some warm water with lemon because he strained his voice at the last club they were at because the music was so loud.  Nate and I were recently at a taproom that had some live music, which was awesome, but it was so loud we could barely hear ourselves think and my throat was definitely feeling it later!

The guys end up saying "How sad are we?" but then realize there isn't anything wrong with not being 21 anymore.  Chandler says sometimes he likes to watch some TV and go to bed at a reasonable hour. He pretty much just described every night at our house!

Joey says he likes to go to a nice quiet restaurant and have a conversation with his friends.  I still love going out with friends, but I agree, I like going somewhere that you can have a conversation and a beer without coming home with a headache!  Staying in and playing games can be fun too.

And then they make fun of him for this, but Ross says "so what if I like to go home, throw on some Kenny G and take a bath?"  Well, maybe not the Kenny G, but I sure do love taking a nice relaxing bath!

So I guess where I'm going with my silliness here is that, I recognize that I'm not 21 anymore.  That doesn't mean that I can't still have fun every now and then, but like the guys in the show, I agree, it's not sad, it's just where I'm at and I'm ok with that!  Maybe it does make me sound like an old lady, but I guess I'd rather embrace it than be down about it!

I do have to say this on a quick side note though - the fact that Friends is now on Nick At Nite makes me feel older than anything else I just mentioned above!!

How do you feel about your age?  Do you see signs you're getting older too?
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