Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Currently - Ollie Edition

What up people?  Ollie here.  I saw my buddy Jona take over his mommy's blog Shea Lennon last week and I told my mommy I had to do the same thing.  Because mommy and daddy keep telling me something about monkey see, monkey do.  Anyway,  since I'm almost a big 15 month old who walks now and everything, mommy's letting me do a post here on what I'm currently up to.

--Currently Ollie is--

Hearting - Elbow!  That's my special word for Elmo.  That little red monster is the bomb dot com. He just gets me.  I also dig Mickey Mouse. He has this magic clubhouse and man, the things they do and the places they go in a little half hour show?  It's trippy and I dig it.  I also love chasing my kitties, somehow I never seem to catch them though.  And I heart the lids from storage containers.  Did you know you can spin them on a hard floor?  My mind was blown.  It's soooo fun.  Oh and I guess I heart Mama.  I should probably say that since she's letting me write on her blog.

Reading - Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs - this book rocks my world.  First the dinosaurs are happy and then they're sad and they're cute and not and wait!  I can't spoil the ending for you!  I had my daddy read me this book so many times the other night he ended up hiding it from me.  That was not cool Dad.  Well ok, I forgave him because he read me one of my other favorite books Clip Clop.  That book gets me every time, when Cat and Dog and Pig and Duck fall off Mr. Horse I always worry if they're ok, but spoiler alert, they're just fine cause they landed in a haystack!  But I tell you, I'm on the edge of my seat with that one!  One of these times the haystack could be gone!

Eating - Meat good.  I love meat.  Oh and Daddy's pancakes are the BEST.  I ate an entire pancake all by myself this weekend!  I also love pizza.  It has meat and cheese and tomato on it.  What's not to love?  And don't even think about messing with me in the morning before I have my oatmeal.  I can't play Legos or cars or farm until I get that oatmeal.

Wearing - I'm going for the college preppy look these days, check out this striped v-neck sweater and super awesome cargo pants.  I'm a stud right?  Ladies, I'm available, though my mom says I can't date before I'm 25, but she's silly.

Singing - Baa Baa Blacksheep is my jam.  And Old McDonald.  My favorite part is EIEIO, I have to shout it.  These songs are on repeat all day, every day.  Can't stop, won't stop.

Anticipating - My mommy and daddy keep talking about this thing called Spring and they're promising me we'll be spending more time outside when it gets here.  Well hurry up darn it.  I remember outside.  It was a fun place to be, I don't know why we don't get to hang out there anymore. There's this huge space behind our house that mommy and daddy say is the "backyard" and now that I'm a walker I just want to get out there and run all over it.  It looks like the best place ever.

And that's it. I'm bored with writing, I want to go look out the window for birdies and squirrels now.  Or no, I want to go chew on my building blocks.  Or wait nope, I'm going to play with my farm puzzle.  Yep, that's it.  See ya later everyone! 


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