Monday, March 2, 2015

Fitbit Fun

I've talked a little bit about Nate and my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.  This isn't to say that we were not doing so before, but we felt we could do better.  Nate had worked hard at losing close to 100 pounds before we had Oliver and after he was born, put back on about twenty or so and wanted to work at re-losing that.  I just want to very much maintain the weight I'm at now - I never want to sound like I'm bragging and I hate talking a lot about weight here since it's a sensitive subject - but I'm still 15 pounds below my PRE pregnancy weight with Oliver and I'd very much like to stay here, so my goal is maintaining.

Nate decided one thing that would help him is to get a fitness tracker that reminds him to get up and move around each day.  He got the Garmin Vivosmart and has been using it for about a month now in conjunction with the My Fitness Pal app on his iPhone.  When I saw how easy it was for him to track steps and daily food logs I decided I might want a fitness tracker too.  I did a bunch of research and though a lot about it.  I like Nate's Garmin, but I also had heard good things about Fitbit too.  After some thought and debate I settled on the Fitbit Charge (just the plain one, not the new version with the heart rate monitor). 

It was a bumpy start at first, because I couldn't get the Fitbit app to play nice with the My Fitness Pal app, but after some help from the tech support team, I now have successfully been tracking my steps for a few days and I'm loving it.  I love how it cheers you when you meet your step goal for the day.  I love that it helps me determine if I can have an extra treat after dinner or if it's better to skip it that day.  I love that it also tells me if someone is calling me - sometimes my phone is in my purse and I don't have any clue if someone is calling or not.  Nate's Garmin will actually alert him to text messages too and I do wish mine had that feature, but otherwise, I love all the things that this does.  It's pretty comfortable to wear and I even sleep in it since it can track your sleep and tell you things about that (which I think I'd almost rather not know, but it's still a neat feature). 

So I'm pretty happy overall and I think it's going to help me maintain the place I'm at.  I'll have some more thoughts on this soon, especially when it comes to some realizations I have come to recently on body image and appearance (specifically when it comes to what I wear and other various thoughts), but I haven't quite found the words quite yet to write a post, so I'll have to keep playing around with that! For now, I'm really just happy with where I'm at and how things are going and I'm having a lot of fun utilizing the Fitbit to continue to live a healthy lifestyle!

Have you tried a fitness tracker?   If so, what do you use?
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