Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Currently in March

Time once again for a Currently post!  Is it just me or did February go by really fast?  I know it's a short month, but wow.  Oh well, we're into March, Spring is on the horizon and here are some things I'm currently up to!

--Currently I am--

Dreaming - About summer and the fun things I hope we'll be able to do this year.  Also dreaming about a warm getaway, possibly next winter in advance of our ten year wedding anniversary.  We're starting to look at this possibility anyway!

Planning - Nate and I have started having some sit downs aside from our date nights to start planning for our future a bit - mostly in financial terms.  We're comfortable, we're fine, but we aren't doing a great job of looking at the big picture, so while it isn't the most fun, we've been starting to figure out our goals for the next five, ten and even twenty years so we know what we need to get in place to continue to have a comfortable financial situation and to ensure that Oliver will have one as well. And actually, I've enjoyed our talks so far, it hasn't been all doom and gloom!

Making - I'm excited to be starting a scrapbook of Oliver's first year!  A talented friend of mine who is very good at scrapbooking is going to help me.  We've already bought a bunch of the supplies and tonight we're going to start actually putting some of it together!  I know it will take some time, but I'm excited to have a keepsake of memories and to actually do something with a bunch of the pictures we have instead of them just living on the computer for all eternity.

Baking - Sadly, nothing!  I don't know why either, I have actually been in a baking mood.  I guess one reason is Nate's not eating as many sweets lately and I think the other reason is I only have time to bake on weekends and ours have been pretty full up of stuff lately!

Watching - We started the Breaking Bad spin off Better Call Saul and it is so good!  I was a little worried it would just be Breaking Bad Jr., but they've done a great job of keeping the essence of what made that show so good while creating it's own story.  Also in rotation right now is Shameless, Covert Affairs, Portlandia, Modern Family and we are dragging out the last few episodes of Parks and Recreation for as long as we can, don't want that to end!

And that's what's up this month!  Not the most exciting update ever, but it's still winter, so what can I say?  Make sure to visit Anne of In Residence and Jenna of Dearest Love for other Currently posts!  

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