Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Truth or Dare

The Let Your Blog Shine writing prompt this week is Truth or Dare - so here are some truths or dares that Brittany from Country Chic came up with for us and my brave responses!

Truth - What is the most embarrassing TV show you like? 
I guess for awhile the answer was Glee - I was a pretty big "Gleek" for a long time.  This whole last season was pretty abysmal but I did watch it to the end and I guess the finale was all right, I think Parks and Rec and Parenthood did a better job of the "look into the future" thing, but maybe that's just me.  Besides that I don't know that I like much for embarrassing TV.  We don't have cable so I'm not really able to get sucked into the reality stuff all that much, though I will admit we did watch quite a bit of the show Amish Mafia when it was first on the air a couple of years ago.  I still can't believe that's a thing!

Dare - Show Us Your Prom Photo
I have one scanned into my computer that I can share.  Get ready to see Nate and Beth look like babies. This particular picture is from our junior prom and we were 17.  Ready?

Truth - When was the last time you peed in a pool?
Does a river count?  Because when you go tubing down a river for two hours drinking beer, pee is going to happen.  And we went tubing last summer.  So there you go.

Dare - Post a photo of yourself when you first wake up.
Oof.  I did it.  Yep.  It's rough, but this is what I look like at 6:00 in the morning.  No edits, no filters, this is real life!

Truth - What is your favorite thing about the opposite gender?
I was extremely attracted to Nate's eyes when I was first finding myself interested in him.  And well, I like his behind.  Let's just say that.

Dare - Show us all the contents of your purse.
Here's a current shot of what is in my purse.  I did a "what's in my bag post" back in September and the contents haven't really changed much since then!

Truth - What is the worst thing you ever cooked or baked?
I haven't done much of either of these things lately so it's actually kind of hared to remember right now.  I know that there were a couple of times that I burned some pork tenderloin I was making for pork tenderloin sandwiches that we couldn't even salvage and had to just throw away.  And I would say my Super Bowl dessert this year was decent, it turned out fine, but it was almost so hurt your teeth sweet that I actually don't count it as one of my hits.

Dare - Show us a photo of your goofiest face.
I don't know if this one is super goofy, I actually took it by mistake the other night when I was wrestling on the floor with Ollie, I had it out because I thought he was going to lay on the floor with me and I was going to take a selfie (cause that's what we do) but then he ran off and I still hit the button.  Man, this post is getting real today!

Truth - What is the stupidest thing you have done because someone dared you to do it?
There is photographic evidence that I will not share here of me licking spilled beer off of a table on my 21st birthday.  Not my finest moment, but we all do dumb things when we get drunk right?

Truth - If your life was a movie, who would you want to play you?
I think I'd have to go with either Emma Stone or Anna Kendrick on that one.  I love how spunky and sassy they are, they actually both remind me of me when I was in my 20's and bonus, Anna Kendrick can sing, and I sing too.

And on that note, there was a bonus credit entry we could do today and post a video of us singing - and that is something I have wanted to do for you all for quite some time now, but I had zero time to make a video (or at the very least, to make one that I like enough to post!), so sadly, that dare will not be happening today.  Hopefully someday soon!

Otherwise, there you go.  I've either frightened you all horribly today or endeared myself to you all the more. At the very least, I'm keeping it real, right?
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