Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day one and all!  I have my green on, but you don't get to see it until Thursday because it's part of my Thrift Style Thursday post this week.  Instead, I'll share some pictures of my favorite little leprechaun instead!

He's rocking his green and he's rocking his awesome new Kermit shoes!  He sure is confident in these bad boys, we can hardly keep him still.  Instead of walking -  he runs!

And the luck of the Irish sure seems to be with us - I can't believe I'm saying it out loud - but Mr. Ollie slept through the night last night.  The ENTIRE night.  7:15pm until 6:30am.  I know, why am I jinxing this by saying it out loud??  I'm not so naive as to think this is a permanent thing - but he did it last week for his grandparents too, so I think we're turning a corner on this waking up business. We'll go one day at a time, but for this mama suffering a slight headcold, not getting up with him last night was glorious.  So come on lucky charm, let's keep this streak going!

Other than that our St. Patrick's Day isn't going to be terribly exciting, but we do have corned beef in our crockpot waiting for us when we get home and we'll be enjoying some reuben sandwiches and maybe a green beer tonight for dinner.  Ok, maybe just a beer in a green can or bottle.  That totally counts right?  May the luck of the Irish be with you all today!

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