Friday, March 27, 2015

Gift of Thrift Giveaway and Swap Recap

I'm SO excited about today's post!  The Thrift Style Thursday gals and I have something very special to share!  But before we get to that, I'd like to recap what brought this all about to begin with!

A few weeks ago, Martyna from Spoolish had a great idea - a swap!  All of us that take part in Thrift Style Thursday each week were paired up with another member and then we exchanged size information and what not and then shopped for the person we were paired up with!  Too fun right? We then sent our goodies to our partner and finally today are sharing our items on all of our blogs!

I was excited and lucky enough to be paired up with fellow MN blogger Zhenya of Being Zhenya. We ended up meeting for coffee to exchange our goodies and we had a great time!  And of course, we were good little bloggers and got a quick picture together.

I'm looking forward to seeing Zhenya again at a blogger get together this weekend!  Anyway, she did a great job picking goodies for me!  I had mentioned I wanted some items to transition to spring and she found some good ones.  Without further ado, here they are!

I love this pink sweater and the fact that it's kind of open weave - it'll go great over a t-shirt, camisole or tank top.  I love that it can be easily dressed up with my pixie pants here or that it could also be dressed down with jeans.  The blue belt she gave me also adds some nice definition to it!

This beautiful yellow dress is awesome and it looks great with the lovely yellow and gold scarf she found for me as well!  I think with this cardigan of mine this will make a nice look for Easter!

These earrings are so fun, the picture quality isn't great here, but they're fun silver leaves.  Thankfully Oliver is getting less and less grabby about my jewelry so I should be able to start rocking stuff like this again, at the very least I can wear them on a date night!

These next two items I thought were so sweet - she made them both!  This beautiful blue infinity scarf is so warm and cozy and I have already worn it several times as winter hangs on.  I look forward to wearing it next winter too!  The other item is this cute sweatshirt/cardigan - she crocheted on some fun patches.  It's a nice casual shirt that is super warm and cozy and I love it!

The last item is a little more difficult to see - I wore it on one of my Pinned It Spinned It days and covered it up a bit with a jacket - but it's an awesome tan tunic from H&M (which I always love finding at the thrift store!) - it's a great color and I can see so many style options for it.  It's lightweight too and I think will transition quite well to spring!

I can't thank Zhenya enough!  I think she did a wonderful job!  It was like Christmas getting to enjoy all these items, sort of like opening a gift.  And speaking of gifts....I am proud to announce the Gift of Thrift Giveaway!

We all had so much fun shopping for each other that we want to do that for one of YOU! And your chances of winning are pretty darn good - we'll be selecting FOUR lovely ladies to be styled by our Swap Partners.  And by the way to all my MN gals - if one of you are selected, Zhenya and I will personally take you shopping with us and dress you up.  So you know, that could be a lot of fun!  We have had a lot of support and great feedback from Thrift Style Thursday, so this is a way we want to give back to all of you.  Use the Rafflecopter link below and good luck!! 

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