Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dressy AND Comfy

Today I think I have my first "repeat" of something besides purses and jewelry. I wore this shirt during the first week I blogged and I really disliked the pictures that day. You can see the post here. I think I have improved some since then!

Anyway, it's another fairly simple outfit today. I love these gauchos, they are so comfy, but yet they still look dressy enough for work. I also adore my bag, I had my eye on it for months and when Shop Suey had a special where you could take 20% off, I jumped at the opportunity to finally add this bag to my collection. I know it has been a popular style among celebrities and many of the online boutiques have their own take on it for cheaper. It's roomy and surprisingly lightweight and I think it'll be a standard of mine moving into fall.

Speaking of fall, I'm so ready to move back into pants and sweaters. It's been so warm here this year, which is why you've seen me in so many skirts, dresses and capri pants. At least I have found some amazing deals on these things this year so I could expand my summer wardrobe a bit. But I am seeing fall clothes out in the stores now and I am ready to start shopping for them? How about the rest of you? On we go I guess!

Today's rundown:

Shirt - DKNY (thrifted)

Gaucho pants - East 5th Street (thrifted)

Sunnies - Shop Suey Boutique

Sandals - Tommy Hilfiger (DSW)

Earrings - Butterfly Boutique

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