Monday, August 15, 2011


Just like that it's Monday again! This particular Monday actually feels like a break to me, we had a busy weekend with a family reunion and a bunch of stuff with our music group. You can see in the third picture today in fact that I'm looking a bit wiped. I feel it. Next weekend we get to rest and I'm very much looking forward to that.

And no surprise, I'm wearing pink again today! Didn't I just say how much I love pink? Anyway, I adore this skirt - it is one of the few I have in my closet that I can wear year round. In the winter I can pair it up with tights, flats or boots and a nice sweater. But for today, it's still summer, so I put this ensemble together and was pleased. I even had a compliment on the skirt already today!

The rundown:

Shirt - Nine & Co (thrifted)

Skirt - INC Concepts (thrifted)

Sandals - Issac Mizrahi (thrifted)

Watch - Butterfly Boutique

Necklace - unknown

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