Monday, August 29, 2011

Pants party

Back to Monday again! I made the happy discovery today though that I have three short weeks in a row due to various things. This week it is because I am off tomorrow to go to the MN State Fair with the Pants Monkey. We're excited about that.

Speaking of pants...I love skirts, I really do. And this summer I have made it a point to wear skirts just about every day. Some days a skirt was the only thing that was comfortable in the extreme heat and humidity we had. But right now, I'm getting a little sick of skirts. It is warmish out this week, but I just had to bust out some pants. I kept my outfit still a bit summery with a tank top and sandals. It's a nice change of pace for today!

The rundown:

Tank top - Banana Republic (thrifted)

Pants - Worthington (JcPenney)

Sandals - Issac Mizrahi for Target (thrifted)

Necklace - unknown from teen years

Bracelet and watch - Butterfly Boutique

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