Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pink champagne

I am such a girly girl. I love pink so much. I think it is a good color on me and I haven't wanted to admit it might actually be more my favorite color than purple is. I had a very pink room as a child and for years after coming of age tried to reject pink completely, but it just didn't work. I love pink and I'm not ashamed to admit it any longer!

It's finally cooler again here in MN and I know some are worried summer is over, but I say, bring it! I'm ready for this kind of weather all the time. Plus, it's fun to layer and come up with transitional type outfits. Such is the case today - still somewhat summery, but a good transition between seasons. I look forward to more outfits like this soon.

The rundown:

Shirt: Como (thrifted)

Cami: Old Navy

Capri pants: New York and Company (thrifted)

Sandals: Thrifted

Bracelet and watch: Butterfly Boutique

Necklace and earrings: Unknown (had since teenager - likely from Claire's or something along those lines)

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