Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to the grind

Hello fashion friends! I am back from my week long vacation! We had a great time in St. Louis, even though it was crazy hot there! I didn't manage to get any fun outfit posts, though I did have some cute ones - mostly tank tops and shorts!

Today I am back to the daily grind at work and chose items from my closet I have had for quite awhile actually. I do have one new addition that I bought while in St. Louis - the purse I am carrying today. I didn't like the bag I brought with me, so I sought out a Kohl's and found this really neat bag by Relic, it can be carried multiple ways which is awesome! The rest of my outfit almost entirely came from Old Navy, which is kind of ironic actually! I'm happy to be back to my regular routine!

Today's rundown:
Sweater - Old Navy

Cami - Old Navy

Skirt - Old Navy

Sandals - Marshalls

Purse - Relic from Kohl's

Bracelet - Thrifted

Watch - Mudd from Kohl's

Necklace and earrings - Butterfly Boutique

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