Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, monday

It's Monday again? Man. Sometimes the weekends just fly right on by don't they? I had a good one. The Stella and Dot party I was kind of lamenting about last week? Well I had so much fun and fell in love with the new collection so much that I decided to host my own show. Yep I am a sucker. Kidding. I did this all on my own, the consultant didn't even push for it, I just decided I'd love some pretty new things and figured, it can be a super early birthday present for myself, because while I dread turning 30 in November, I kind of want to do it up big. I'll be hosting my party in early September and I'm pretty excited.

Other than that I had a wonderful date night with the Pants Monkey and we brewed some more of our home brew beer on Sunday, so those things were lots of fun! I hope you all had good weekends too!

Today I am wearing one of my favorite skirts again along with a sweater that hasn't seen the light of day much this summer. I have had it a couple of years now and it's had some fading, so I don't know how much longer it'll be around, but it worked for today!

The rundown:

Sweater: It's Our Time (Herbergers)

Cami: Old Navy

Skirt: Old Navy

Sandals: Thrifted

Watch: Butterfly Boutique

Necklace: Premier Jewelry

Bracelet: Thrifted

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