Friday, August 26, 2011

Visual FBFF 8-26-11

Every other Friday, FBFF changes it up and does a Visual FBFF. This week it is being hosted by Ashley of Ashley Getting Dressed. She asked us to photograph our favorite clothing item, getting up close and getting more detail that is sometimes missed in a daily outfit post. I chose my favorite Coach purse.

It's a nice size, I would call it "medium". It fits well under my arm and can also be easily carried by hand if that is what I prefer. And it fits most all of my items. Not too heavy which is important to me as I sometimes have upper back and neck problems.

I like the patchwork pattern. I am a sucker for patterns - I adore plaids, argyle, stripes, polka dots, etc. Patchwork to me kind of fits in with the pattern them that I adore. What I love about this particular patchworking is that it is mostly denim, so it gives kind of a nice casual every day feel. Yet, it has a few spots that are shimmery and sparkly making it feel a little more special and fun.

I also like the fact that the hardware is silver - I am a big silver person, though I'm trying to get more into gold, but my wedding ring is white gold, so I tend to just gravitate towards things that are silver in color. I also appreciate that seeing as I got this off of Ebay, it had the "Coach" tag in tact. I have looked up my serial number as well and I know that this is an authentic "Carly" bag.

I like the top of this with the classic "C"s. The zipper is nice as well. It's in great shape and I prefer bags that have a zipper closure. I have a few that just snap or are "magnetic" and sometimes get paranoid with those kind that someone might be able to easily get inside of my bag while I'm walking in the mall or something.

As I said before, it has plenty of room and then some for all of my stuff. Though I'm trying to not carry as much with me at one time, I am trying to get by on just a few essentials.

Overall I just adore this bag and even though I have said before I think I have "Purse ADD" where I have a hard time carrying the same bag for more than few days at a time, I come back to this one frequently. It is a fun bag and yet is very practical. And I mentioned one other day when I had photographed this one in my out of the day post, that I get more compliments on this purse from MEN. Kind of funny!

To join in on the Visual FBFF fun, visit Ashley Getting Dressed. For regular FBFF visit Katy at Modly Chic.

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