Thursday, December 15, 2011

FBFF - All About Christmas!

So I am one of those nerds who loved the "about me" email/Facebook survey memes.  I kind of miss those days, ha!  Today's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday is a holiday all about me survey!  So here we go, you'll learn a little something new about me, at least I hope so!

No holiday party is complete without: Hot apple cider
My favorite Christmas song/album: Favorite song - Feels Like Christmas by Cyndi Lauper, favorite album - The Hotel Cafe presents: Winter Songs
My favorite seasonal recipe: Thumbprint cookies - chocolate cookie rolled in pecans, yum!
The perfect New Year's Eve outfit includes: a little something sparkly
At the parties, I'll be drinking: some kind of wine - like Chokecherry Wine, it's amazing if you've never had it
Eggnog, good or bad? Um, never had it *hides in shame*
Did you ever take pictures on Santa's lap at the mall? Oh yes!  MN gals will appreciate this - always went to the Downtown Minneapolis Macy's (that used to be Daytons) to see the 8th floor display and take pictures with that Santa because he was the "real" Santa, ha ha!!  I went with some girlfriends a few years back, we dressed up, it was hilarious.
Gingerbread Latte or Peppermint Mocha: I'm usually a Latte girl, but for a seasonal treat, I like a peppermint mocha
Worst gift I ever got: Coasters and plastic ice cubes from an ex-boyfriend
Best gift I ever received: hmm, The Pants Monkey gives pretty awesome gifts.  I think my favorite right now is the stuffed Rowlf the Dog he found for me on Ebay last year.  Rowlf is my favorite Muppet and it meant the world to me that he found a collectible for me so I could have a Rowlf of my own!
My family has this weird tradition: The Pants Monkey's family has a pre-dinner margarita, you walk in the door and you are handed a margarita.  At EVERY holiday.
My best bargain find for a gift this year: Something I bought the Pants Monkey back in mid-November that I can't share because I know he reads this sometimes. :)  I can say I was practically being paid to take it away!
If I could only buy all my gifts from one place, I'd shop at: Tough choice!!  I am going way off the wall here, again, local readers might appreciate this - The Electric Fetus record shop in Minneapolis.  They have a huge gift section that has the most hilarious, unique things ever and I could spend hours and tons of money there!
Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman: Rudolph all the way.
My favorite holiday memory: So many wonderful ones.  Going and looking at lights with my parents when I was little, singing at midnight Mass at church, sitting with the Pants Monkey's family on Christmas Eve and watching a fire in the fireplace with the Yule Log also playing on TV right next to it (could've put that by weird tradition too I suppose), too many to count!
My favorite Christmas movie: Home Alone, yeah it's silly, but it has some heartwarming moments.  And hilarious ones: "When I grow up and I get married, I'm living alone!" - Kevin McCallister
The best part about holiday decorations is: LIGHTS!  I love pretty lights.
Rip off the wrapping paper or neatly pull off the tape: Rip it!  I'm diving right into that bad boy.
Miracle on 34th Street or It's a Wonderful Life: Not a big fan of either actually....I do like classic Christmas movies like White Christmas or Holiday Inn though.
It doesn't feel like the holiday season until: I've watched a A Charlie Brown Christmas
All I want for Christmas is: Honestly, I love gifts and all of that, but I just want both the Pants Monkey and myself to be feeling better from these colds and to be able to enjoy celebrating with our families.  I couldn't ask for more than that!  Sappy. :)

So there you go!  For a chance to learn about other bloggers holiday traditions, or for more information on FBFF, visit Katy at Modly Chic.

Outfit post coming up next, quite excited about it today, but this post is already long enough!

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  1. Those cookies sound yummy! And don't feel bad about not having eggnog - it's not tasty


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